Electronic Bill

By opting for the E-Bill .. You are contributing to the Kingdom's digital transformation

In alignment with STC strategy to automate all of its services, and in order to save time and efforts of its clients, STC Business adopted the electronic bills instead of the paper ones. You can now check all the billing details of your enterprise through an electronic platform that allows you to manage your financials anytime and anywhere.


  • Safety and ease You can pay all of your bills through one platform that protects your data from cyber-attacks.
  • Financial management You can schedule your budget and get a report of all of your spending.
  • Time efficient Electronic bills save time since the payment process takes only few minutes.

  • To ensure getting your electronic bill go ahead and update your information through 909 and register at MyBusiness through this link: https://my.stc.com.sa

Please fill up this form to check your bill: