Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions are subject to the laws and regulations in force in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including CITC regulations.

2. If there is no definition of a specific phrase in these terms and conditions, and it is defined in the CITC regulations, the definition contained thereof shall be applied. If there is a difference in interpreting any term and conditions, the interpretation set forth in the Regulations on the Protection of Rights of ICT Services' Users and on the Terms of ICT Service Provision or any superseded regulations shall prevail.

3. Where no special provisions are made herein, the provisions of the Regulations on the Protection of Rights of ICT Services' Users and on the Terms of ICT Service Provision or any superseded regulations shall be applied.

4. In the event of a conflict between the Arabic and English texts, the Arabic text shall control.

5. The effective date of Service Contract shall commence on starting the service for the customer.

6. This service is installed for personal use and customer may not give or assign to third parties without the company's consent or dispose of it illegally. Customer shall pledge to cancel the service when it is not needed and take full responsibility for any violation that occurs as a result of non-compliance. Further, this service shall not be used for propaganda purposes.

7. The customer shall be responsible for communications originating from his communications devices or equipment and use them correctly. Moreover, he/she shall bear its costs, regardless the identity of the person who made or accepted the calls. Customer may file a complaint about telecommunications charges that he does not believe originated from his telecommunications devices or equipment.

8. The Company shall debit the customer's account with any amounts allocated to the service, and customer shall be fully responsible for all obligations that arise from using this service.

9. Customer shall notify the Company with any modification to his address and contact numbers.

10. Customer’s name will be included in the debt list in case of not paying the financial dues to the Company after 75 days from the bill issuing date unless the amount is disputed between the two parties.

11. In case of roaming, service fees will be calculated when using the networks of other countries or other local networks based on roaming prices of those Countries.

12. By agreeing to this contract, customer shall acknowledge to grant the Company the right to exchange the customer's credit information with approved credit centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

13. Customer shall pay all the Company’s dues in case he/she wants to move to another operator or cancel the service. The Company shall start implementing the customer’s request from the date of submission, as the transfer procedures are to be completed within the period specified in the law.

14.  stc respects your privacy and it is our objective to provide excellent service to all our customers meanwhile protect their personal data. For more information about the nature of the data we keep and how it is used, send "privacy notice" or 4400 to 900. You can also view the privacy policy on our official website www.stc.com.sa.

15. The ID details should be true and accurate. Any deficiency or error in the data provided may impede the mobile transfer process or be rejected.

16. The Company has the right to verify the accuracy of the customer's data through the competent Authorities.

17. When requesting a transfer from another operator, the customer's submission of this request means starting the procedures for transferring his number to stc.

18. In case the customer get involved with an additional fixed-term contract, the customer may transfer the number to any other operator as requested. Non-compliance fees with the specified period will be added to the final bill.

19. Agreeing to transfer the customer's number to another operator as requested shall not exempt him/her from paying any amounts resulting from his use of the service until the date of transfer approval.

20. When the customer loses his SIM, he/she shall inform stc immediately; so that he disclaims any future consequences that may result from the number registered under his name.

21. Customer shall acknowledge his/her consent to the Company’s collection and use of his details for providing and improving its services, provided that the Company shall take all appropriate measures to protect this information and its confidentiality and shall not disclose it to any party in any way except at the request of CITC or any competent Authority to ensure compliance with the privacy policies in the Company.

22. The Company shall reserve the right to modify and change the loyalty program(s), as the rewards/loyalty program can make any change in the validity of points expiry, transfer percentages or reward types and value. The Company will not bear any responsibility towards the members of the program while cancelling or ending the loyalty/ rewards program, in case it is suitable for business continuity (or in business interest).

23. This contract shall be for an unlimited period and customer may terminate the contract at any time.

24. Customer shall pay all the Company's dues resulting from providing the agreed services in addition to all the government taxes.

25. The Company may suspend or cancel the service for the customer for any of the following reasons:

a) Customer’s violation of the terms or conditions contained in the service contract, or the provisions stated in the Regulations on the Protection of Rights of ICT Services' Users and on the Terms of ICT Service Provision or any superseded regulations.

b) The expiry of the subscription period for the prepaid service, without recharging the service balance by the customer.

c) Customer does not pay the Company's dues unless those dues are in dispute.

d) Customer does not respond to update his data when requested, or it is proven that the data provided to the Company are false or forged.

e) When misusing the service, including causing annoyance, threatening, fraud, or insulting others, or by sending advertising or spam SMS.

f) In case the customer legal status changes, including the customer’s death, expiration of the ID validity date, or the final departure of KSA for a non-citizen, within (3) days from the date of the Company’s knowledge of changing the legal status. Except in the case of death, in which a period will be within (30) days. During this period, the heirs may submit a request to transfer the service to one of them, provided that the assignee in this case shall bear all the obligations arising from the service subject of the transfer, otherwise, if the request for suspension or cancellation is received from the Authority.

g) The Company shall suspend the service as soon as the amounts claimed by customer reach the agreed credit limit. Customer may request to return the service and he/she shall be given a deadline for paying that shall not exceed (5) working days, provided that his consumption during this period does not exceed 10% of his credit limit.

h) The Company shall suspend the internet service as soon as the customer consumes the entire capacity of the internet package subscribed. It shall notify the customer via SMS that the service has been stopped, how to return, and the cost of using the internet without the package if desired.

26. Customer shall acknowledge his prior approval for the Company to notify him of the promotional offers, whether through telemarketing, SMS, WhatsApp, or any communication channel. Customer shall revoke his/ her approval, block marketing calls, or stop receiving promotional SMS by calling Customer Service Center on 900 or visiting sales office.

27. Customer shall file a complaint regarding the service provided, provided that the date of filling the complaint shall not exceed 60 days from the date of the incident or from issuing the contested bill. Unless it is found that customer is not aware of the bill or its the date according to the available channels and displayed on the Company’s official website. Customer may escalate his/ her complaint to CITC if there is delay in resolving the complaint or dissatisfaction with the processing.

28. In the event that the service quality does not meet the Company standards; a settlement shall be done for the customer in accordance with the settlement mechanism applied in the Company and published in the Company official website.

29. The Company may transfer any due amounts have not been paid by customer, resulted in the service cancellation to any other account belonging to the customer, unless they are not in dispute. In addition, with the obligation to notify the customer before transfer, and the transferred amount shall not fall under the credit limit of the bill in which it is guaranteed.

30. To add or cancel services or modify packages and for technical support, please call 900 or register on the Company’s website my.stc.com.sa, mystc app or through sales offices. For more information, you can visit the Company’s website stc.com.sa

31. If the customer fails to pay the financial dues thereon after the expiry of the Service Contract, this matter shall be resolved amicably between the two parties. If this is not possible, the jurisdiction shall be to the competent court in Riyadh, Jeddah, or the Eastern Province.

32. stc respects your privacy and it is our objective to provide excellent service to all our customers meanwhile protect their personal data. For more information about the nature of the data we keep and how it is used, view the privacy notice on our official website www.stc.com.sa. You can also send "privacy notice" or 4400 to 900.

Prepaid SIM Cards

1. The validity of the balance in all recharging categories is 90 days from the recharging date.

2. New customer cannot transfer the balance within 90 days of activating SIM Card.

3. When transferring balance, the remaining balance in SIM Card shall not be less than 25 SAR.

4. The balance validity period will be renewed for a maximum of 90 days from the last activity performed by the customer and paid from the balance.

5. If there is not enough credit, the customer will not be able to complete the calls until the balance is recharged.

6. The validity of SIM Card will be extended for a maximum period of 360 days from the last activity performed by the customer and paid from the balance.

7. SIM Card will expire, if there is no paid activity is performed on SIM Card for 360 days. The service will be permanently cancelled.

8. If SIM Card is canceled or expired, the balance available in SIM Card will be canceled. The Company has the right to re-disburse the number to another customer, and the customer is not entitled to claim.

9. In case of transfer of the ownership or moving to another operator, the balance available in the SIM card will be canceled.

10. If the SIM Card is still active, the customer can call the Technical Support Center (900) and the emergency numbers even if there is no credit in the SIM Card.

Embedded Sim (E-sim) users

1. Customer can only subscribe to any product or offer through digital channels.

2. Customer complaints can only submitted and resolved through digital channels.

3. Mofawtar voice SIM Installation fee applied with 57.5 SR (Including VAT)

Prepaid Internet SIMs (Quicknet)

1. The validity of the SIM card is extended for 90 days upon any recharge.

2. The validity of the balance is related to the validity of recharging.

3. The prepaid Quicknet SIM card will be canceled 30 days after the expiry date of the package in case any of Quicknet packages are not reactivated or the balance is recharged.

Mofawtar SIM Cards and Internet SIM Cards

1. When the customer subscribes to Mofawtar service, the subscription will be monthly and is automatically renewed until the customer or the Company ends the service.

2. The minimum period to calculate the subscription fee is 30 days.

3. The Company has the right to request a financial insurance that does not exceed the value of the service credit limit.

4. The Customer shall be notified of the consumption of 80% of the credit limit and an SMS shall be sent to the customer to urge him to pay.

5. If customer is not associated with a contract, he/ she shall request suspension of the service for a period not exceeding 12 months, with the obligation to pay the suspension fees

6. Customer has the right to request ending the service after its operation. In this case, he/ she shall pay all the due fees for that service until the service end date.

7. Customer can transfer the balance available in the service to any other number that belongs to him/ her or any other number by calling 900 or submitting a request through the app to be refunded to his/ her bank account.

8. Customer has the right to file a complaint to the Company within (60) days of any of the following dates:

a. The date of the last incident that caused the complaint to be filed, or the date of issuing the contested bill, if the complaint is related to the bill.

b. The date when the customer becomes aware of the incident, or issuing the bill, if it is found that the customer is not aware of the bill or the incident at the time.

9. Customer’s name will be included in the debt list in case not paying the financial dues to the Company after 75 days from the bill issuing date unless the amount is in dispute between the two parties.

10. Customer shall be given (25) days to pay before the service suspension from the date of issuing the bill, unless the suspension reason is that the bill amount reaches the credit limit.

11. The Company has the right to final dismiss the number after 60 days from issuing the unpaid bill unless the amount is in dispute with the company. Moreover, the Company is not entitled to calculate any fees after this date. Further, customer is not entitled to claim the number after passing 90 days as of the final dismissal.

12. Before the service cancellation, the Company shall do the following actions:

a. The service suspension by stopping the outgoing services only, for not less than (15) days before the cancellation process. Ensuring in all cases that the customer can receive the incoming calls and contact the emergency services and Company contact numbers.

b. Sending a notification to the customer at least (5) days before the process suspension or cancellation via an SMS, guiding him to avoid the reason for the suspension or cancellation, how to do this and the date of the suspension or cancellation. In addition to another SMS one day before suspension or cancellation, in case of continuing the reason of suspension or cancellation.

13. The Company shall reserve the right to the customer not to exceed the total amount of the bill credit limit; except for the last call before reaching the credit limit. In addition to the increase by no more than 10% of the credit limit in case the customer requests to restore the service.

14. In the case of international roaming, the service fees are excluded from being subject to the customer's credit limit, except for using the Internet.

15. For Family Packages, In case of canceling ,changing, or suspending the main line service for more than 2 months, all family numbers associated with the main subscriber’s line will get their discount canceled, and will have to pay the non-discounted rate.

16.       In case of subscribing to Mofawtar voice package with Vanity number (Economy tier). Customer should commit to 3 Months, and in case of line cancellation or transferring to other operator within the first 3 months a penalty will be applied 343.85 SR including VAT

17.       Vanity number (Economy tier) is priced for 343.85 SR Including VAT 

Device Installment Program

1. The customer shall pay the remaining amount of the device value, including VAT, if he/she terminates the Contract before the expiry of its term. This shall include, but is not limited to, transferring the service to another operator, canceling the service permanently for any reason, transferring to the prepaid plan, downgrading to a lower postpaid plan, and changing the plan to Sawa Hybrid or Jawwy plans.

2.  The customer shall have the right to upgrade the postpaid plan to a higher postpaid one during the Contract term, and shall also be entitled to return to the same basic postpaid plan from which he/she upgraded. However, the customer may not reduce the postpaid plan to a postpaid one that is lower than his/her basic plan associated with the Contract when purchasing the device.

3. Customer can subscribe to “stc Protect” service during a specific period called (the subscription period) starting from the date of purchasing the device, and this period is determined according to the package which customer subscribed to. If customer wishes to terminate his/her subscription in “stc Protect” service, the remaining amount of the contract period must be paid.

4. The customer subscribed to “stc Protect” service can repair or replace his/her broken device during the service contract period. stc has the right to make the replacement or repair decision based on its evaluations, and the customer bears a fixed fee for each repair or replacement.

Note that the number of times allowed for repair or replacement is limited based on the subscribed package.

In witness whereof, this contract is signed for validity of the information and approval of all the financial and legal obligations contained herein (including Appendix A) for the Company or any other party, Whereas the customer has thoroughly read and fully understood this contract and became fully responsible for all consequences of the service.