qitaf classic




What is qitaf?

qitaf is the loyalty program offered by stc. We offer exclusive offers and discounts to all customers inside and outside the network.


How can I earn qitaf points?

You can enroll to the qitaf program and start earning points when paying bills or when charging the balance of a Sawa number, and exchange them for a set of rewards, whether internal rewards such as minutes, messages, or local data and international roaming, in addition to external rewards through qitaf partners.


When will I receive my earned points?

The customer will receive an sms notification immediately after earning the points, whether when paying the bill with stc or at the earning partners with qitaf. To know more about earn partners, click here


How many points will I earn for the bills I have paid?

For every 10 SR paid the customer will earn:

Classic and Tamayouz Gold customer: 1 qitaf point

Tamayouz Platinum customer: 1.5 qitaf points

Tamayouz Diamond customer: 2 qitaf points


What are the excluded costs and packages from earning qitaf points?

the following amounts: (Value added tax - Device installment - Direct Billing services - Roaming packages - Some add-on services - Some legacy postpaid packages)

Roaming packages

Direct Billing services

Some add-on services



Receiving calls packages for scholarship

Apple App Store

Mawjood Extra

Jawwal 45

Call Receiving Roaming while Vacations

Google Play Store

Aljawal Control

Jawwal 25

Global basic roaming for calls (3 Days)


Call Barring

Zero Package

Global basic roaming for calls (1 Week)

Microsoft & Xbox 

SADA Tone Purchase

Zero Package Plus

Global basic roaming for calls (1 Month)




GCC roaming (14 Days)


VIP Service 


GCC roaming (1 Week)




GCC roaming (3 Days)

Shahid VIP



GCC roaming (12 Hours)




GCC roaming (1 Day)

Spacetoon go



Global premium roaming for internet & calls (1 Week)

Makooky app



Global premium roaming for internet & calls (2 Weeks)

Lamsa app



Global premium roaming for internet & calls (1 Month)

Harvard Business Review 



Global basic roaming for internet (1 Day)




Global basic roaming for internet (1 Week)

stc TV



Global basic roaming for internet (2 Weeks)




Global basic roaming for internet (1 Month)



Are prepaid customers eligible to earn qitaf points?

Yes, they can earn qitaf points by recharging sawa balance.


Will I earn qitaf points on these postpaid packages (Jawwal 45, Jawwal 25, Zero Package, Zero Package Plus) ?

No, you will not earn qitaf points on the payment on the main subscription of these packages, but you will earn points on the additional payment made which is subject to qitaf accrual rules.