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Why the service name has been changed from Vehicles Tracking System to Fleet Solutions?

Because Fleet Solutions is more than just a tracking system. It is an integrated system that facilitate the management of vehicles and provides customers with all the information and details they need to be fully informed of the work and the progress of the fleet.


What is the difference between stc Fleet Solutions service and other fleet management systems?

stc Fleet Solutions is a one-stop solution that provides all service elements on one bill, with connectivity to satellite or mobile networks with data chips that operate at the highest levels of security and quality through a private access point (APN), trackers ,Accessory equipment, a driver Fleet management, maps, and technical support. 


Is there a fee for devices attached to the fleet (e.g., door status sensor, RFID card reader) and is it customer installed?

Yes, there is a fee for the attached devices, and we install them for the customer based on his request and need.


Can the customer upgrade the current service package to a higher package? Does it require a device change?

Yes, the customer can upgrade the current service package to a higher package for free, and he may need to change the device or add accessory devices according to the needs and features of the new package.


Can existing vehicle tracking service customers convert their existing packages to fleet control packages?

Yes, they can convert their current package (AVL-Enterprise) to a Fleet Solutions package (Premium) with the same prices and features, or switch to other packages and (Basic) with different prices and features according to their need.


How many vehicles in the fleet can be controlled at the same time?

Fleet control service supports an unlimited number of vehicles. 


Is there data chips specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions?

Yes, and its name is M2M chipset.

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