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General Questions:


Why the service name has been changed from Vehicles Tracking system (AVL) to Fleet Control Service?

Fleet Control Service is no longer just a tracking system, it's a service that provides customers with all information and the details they need. It is more than tracking which facilitates vehicles management, maintenance management and driver’s management...etc. Therefore, the name has been changed to give the real meaning of the service.


What is the difference between stc Fleet Control and other fleet management systems?

Fleet control service from stc is an end-to-end solution which provides all service components in one plan and one bill, which includes private network connectivity (GSM or Satellite), tracking devices, accessories, maps & GIS system, service management software and technical support.


Is there a fee on the accessories such as door sensor, RFID Reader…etc? does customer required to install all accessories?

Yes, there are fees on the accessories but the customer is not required to install all the accessories devices, it's based on his need.


Can customer upgrade his service package to a higher package? does he need to change the device?

Yes, customer can change it to higher package for free but it may require specific tracking devices & sensors to support more features.


Can customers convert his current AVL package to one of new Fleet Control packages?

Yes, He can convert his current AVL package to any of Fleet Control packages such Premium Package with the same prices and features or the other packages such Basic or Extra with lower prices and different features based on the customer needs.


How many objects of fleet can be monitored & controlled at one time?

Fleet control service supports unlimited number of objects e.g. vehicles, trucks, construction equipment (Yellow-Iron), Cargo or motorcycles …etc.


Does stc offer a special physical SIM?

Yes, stc offers M2M SIM Card which is designed to withstand harsh environments.