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Earn Points Earn Points
Earn Points
Earn qitaf points and pay using your points at a wide variety of qitaf partners
Redeem Points Redeem Points
Redeem Points
Redeem your points by paying your bills, recharging sawa and with a wide variety of qitaf partners.
Offers Offers
You can benefit from the available discounts by providing the partner with....
You can pay with qitaf points from qitaf partners. Every 5 points = 1 SR. Please provide ...


View and pay your bills

Recharge and balance transfer

Full access to and control of all numbers registered

Access to detailed call and data

Frequently Asked Questions


What is qitaf?

qitaf is a loyalty program to all stc customers. You can subscribe to qitaf for free and start collecting points every time you pay your bill or recharge your prepaid sawa package.


When can I receive qitaf points?

You will win qitaf points upon paying due bills or recharging your prepaid sawa numbers. Each 10 SR equals one point.


How can I join qitaf?

You may join by sending 201 to 900 or via mystc.


Who is eligible to join qitaf?

All stc customers are eligible to join qitaf Program with the exception of customers whom are already in the blacklist


Can I add all my phones to qitaf?

Yes. Upon joining qitaf all your phone numbers which are registedred on your ID number will be added to the points calculation system.


How can I join Tamayouz?

  1.     You will be included in the program automatically when your total payments in 12 months fall within one of Tamayouz categories.
  2.     To join qitaf-Tamayouz Gold your total payments must be 7,800 SR
  3.     To join qitaf-Tamayouz Platinum your total payments must be 24,000 SR
  4.     To join qitaf-Tamayouz Diamond your total payments must be 48,000 SR



How long will I maintain in a tier?

You will maintain in the tier for 12 months period, then there will be an assessment happening to see the customer’s last 12 months spending, and you will either stay in the same Tier, get an upgrade, or a downgrade.


Can sawa and Landline customers join Tamayouz?

No, for sawa customer.

Yes, for landline customers.


What are the advantages of Tamayouz?

There are several advantages given to each Tamayouz category from inside discounts and offers on stc services to outside discounts with our partners. for full details please use mystc or visit website


Will I receive qitaf points as a Tamayouz member?

  •     Tamayouz Gold will receive like qitaf Classic which is 1 qitaf Point for every SAR 10
  •     Tamayouz Platinum will receive 1.5 qitaf Points for every SAR 10
  •     Tamayouz Diamond will receive 2 qitaf Points for every SAR 10