MSP gate way (IoT)

automating the craft of salesmanship


stc MSP gate way for automated business process



can the merchant buy POS devices from stc?

No, stc provides POS network services to banks and payment service providers, which allow devices to connect to Mada service 


who provides POS devices to merchants?

local banks and payment service providers (PSPs)


does the service use the regular data SIM (internet SIM)?

No, the service does not require a SIM card dedicated to the point of sale, which provides the highest standards of security and quality.


what is the difference between a point-of-sale SIM and a regular data SIM (internet SIM)?

the point-of-sale SIM allows access to the Internet because it is connected to a dedicated APN that provides the highest levels of security, and it contains a feature of priority traffic (QoS) that makes it active in the most critical conditions


which entities are eligible to subscribe to the SIM card for points of sale?

banks, merchants and payment service providers


which entities are eligible to register POS devices in the payments service provided by stc?

banks, merchants and payment service providers