Managed Voice Gateway


We manage your routers remotely to keep you connected



What is the duration of the contract? 

The minimum commitment period is one or three years. The customer cannot cancel before the end of the site[FKA1]  contract. The contract is automatically renewed unless the customer gives written notice of cancellation.



The client does not want to use MVG for all sites. Can he join the MVG Service for some of his sites?

Yes. The customer can choose any number of sites. 


The client has pre-installed devices. Can he join the MVG? 

Yes. The NOC team  will ensure that the existing Voice Gateway are supported. In this case, the customer pays the cost of maintaining and guaranteeing the equipment in case he wishes to guarantee.



Can customers dispose of all IT engineers when they get MVG?

No. MVG enables IT engineers to focus more on their work, on the network and on the customer's internal needs.


What types of connections can MVG be used with? 

The MVG Service is available for The SIP connectivity circuits.


Are there MVG customers or is it a new service? 

It’s a new service.


Which cities are the MVG offered? 

The service can be provided anywhere in Saudi Arabia where there is coverage for stc. 


Is MVG provided for Government only?

No, it's provided to all Government Segments, key accounts, large enterprise and SME. 


Can the customer have access for the Voice Gateway?

No, we provide only Dashboard and live reports; for security reasons.

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