Effective Cyber Security Incident Response Plan

As global cyber threats continue to rise, the early detection and fast response to cybersecurity incidents and data breaches can significantly help organizations contain risk and reduce the economic impacts on their operations and bottom lines.


At stc, we adhere to national regulations and international best practices to handle incidents, ensuring the utmost protection for our customers' environments. Our Cyber Security Incident Response Process are designed to strengthen the protection of our business processes, assets, and competitive advantage. By detecting incidents and data breaches early, we can swiftly respond to cybersecurity emergencies, and employ containment strategies, timely resolutions, and preventive measures. 

Figure 1 Incident Response Lifecycle

Transparent reporting is a crucial aspect of our cybersecurity incident management approach. The cybersecurity incidents are reported promptly and ensure that all relevant stakeholders are informed and engaged.

We take all cybersecurity incidents and data breaches seriously, whether they impact the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of our information assets and infrastructure or indirectly harm our reputation. Our commitment to safeguarding our reputation and the trust our customers place in us remains unwavering.


At stc, we understand the evolving cybersecurity landscape and the need to stay ahead of emerging threats. We regularly review and enhance our incident management processes to ensure proactive adaptation of our cybersecurity strategies. After each incident, we conduct thorough analyses and implement appropriate measures to continuously improve our cybersecurity measures. These reports provide valuable lessons learned and recommendations for enhancing our protection and strengthening our incident management practices.


We believe that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. To ensure the highest level of preparedness, we invest in comprehensive training programs for our employees. By equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and report potential threats, we create a culture of cybersecurity awareness throughout our organization. This culture further strengthens our ability to prevent and respond to incidents effectively.