self-activation SIM

self-activation SIM

Follow the steps in the video to activate your SIM and select your preferred package.



What are the services covered by the SIM?

All stc services support self-activation SIM (voice & data prepaid services, and voice & data mofawtar services) as well as single SIM replacement service.


What is the difference between ordinary SIM and self-activation SIM?

Ordinary SIM shall be activated through the store or a distributor, while self-activation SIM shall be activated by customer using mystc app and authentication via Absher, then customer can use the SIM.


Where can I get the SIM?

The SIM can be obtained from an approved distributor and some stores to be announced later.


What is the activation method for the SIM?

The SIM shall be activated via mystc app and following the instructions mentioned on the cover, or scanning the QR code, and following the illustrative video.


Is there a special price for the SIM?

Yes, the SIM price is 5 SR to be paid one time.


Can existing customer’s benefit from the SIM?

Customers can benefit from SIM replacement service.


Can the SIM be activated as multi-SIMs?

No, it cannot.