Want a new device?

replace your old device with new one

Program Details

Program Overview:

Trade-in Program allow stc and non-stc customers to evaluate and trade in their old smart devices for cash value in their stc e-wallet to use it in purchasing new smartphone device via stc stores, or Mystore website or app.

Program features for customer:

  • Trade-in old device with new one.
  • Ability to use old device value to purchase accessories (headphones, chargers, ... etc.)
  • Ability to use the amount in the customer's e-wallet in stc stores or in Mystore website or app.

How to benefit from the program:

The customer need to visit one of the collection points in stc stores here or one of stc devices maintenance centers to evaluate and receive the old device “if the trade in offer is accepted by the customer”. And then, stc agent will deposit the old device value in the customer e-wallet (device will be evaluated based on its current condition with Grade A or Grade B according to following tables.


Devices covered by Trade-in Program
Description Grade A Grade B
iPhone XR 64GB 593.68 539.56
iPhone XR 128GB 647.8 590.4
iPhone XR 256GB 707.66 643.7
iPhone XS 64GB 631.4 574
iPhone XS 256GB 738 672.4
iPhone XS 512GB 799.5 725.7
iPhone XS Max 64GB 815.9 742.1
iPhone XS Max 256GB 922.5 840.5
iPhone XS Max 512GB 922.5 840.5
iPhone 11 64GB 1045.5 951.2
iPhone 11 128GB 1138.16 1033.2
iPhone 11 256GB 1245.58 1132.42
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB 1199.66 1090.6
iPhone 11 Pro 256GB 1291.5 1174.24
iPhone 11 Pro 512GB 1353 1230
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB 1293.14 1174.24
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB 1353.82 1230
iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB 1461.24 1328.4


Devices covered by Trade-in Program
Description Grade A Grade B
Huawei P30 Pro 4G 128BG 990 743
Huawei P30 Pro 4G 256GB 1066 800
Huawei P30 128GB 762 572
Huawei Nova 5T 128GB 570 428
Huawei Mate 20X 256GB 5G 1409 1057
Huawei Nova 5T 128GB 570 428
Huawei P30 lite 128GB 420 315
Huawei Mate30 Pro 256GB 1370 1028


Devices covered by Trade-in Program
Description Grade A Grade B
Galaxy Watch Active 254 169
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB 5G 1199 799
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB 1080 720
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 512GB 1199 799
Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB 886 590
Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB 179 119
Samsung Galaxy A30 64GB 213 142
Samsung Galaxy A50 128GB 255 170
Samsung Galaxy A70 128GB 343 228
Samsung Galaxy A80 128GB 512 341
Samsung Galaxy Fold 512GB 2100 1400
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB 771 514
Samsung Galaxy S10+ DS 4G 512GB 886 590
Samsung Galaxy S10+ DS 4G 1TB 1143 762
Samsung Galaxy S10 DS 4G 128GB 657 438
Samsung Galaxy Note9 DS 4G 128GB 685 457
Samsung Galaxy Note9 DS 4G 512GB 856 571
Samsung Galaxy S9+ DS 4G 128GB 675 450
Samsung Galaxy S9 DS 4G 64GB 570 380
Samsung Galaxy S9 DS 4G 128GB 750 500
Samsung Galaxy S9 DS 4G 256GB 810 540
Samsung Galaxy S9+ DS 4G 64GB 738 492
Samsung Galaxy S9+ DS 4G 256GB 855 570

Then the customer can use the amount deposited in e-wallet to purchase new device, accessories via any stc outlet, or Mystore website or app.

*Note: before handing over the old device, the customer must provide his identical mobile number to the “Trade-in Program agent” this mobile number should be the one used in creating Mystore website and app account in order to be able to use the e-wallet amount via Mystore “App or Website”.

Terms and Conditions

1- The Trade in program is applicable to specific devices (Please check the devices tables).

2- This program is available in those exhibitions.

3- Any mobile to be replaced shall be examined and evaluated before being accepted in the program.

4- Customer is not entitled to return his/her mobile phone after replacing it, or get its value in cash (the device value shall be deposited, after customer approval, in his/her electronic wallet).The customer is not entitled to retrieve the mobile phone after replacing it, nor can be obtain its value in cash (the value of the device is deposited after customer’s approval for this in the customer’s electronic wallet)

5- stc has the right to reject any device that does not meet the conditions, and also has the right to suspend or amend the program at any time.

6- The customer may use the amount in the electronic wallet to buy a smart device or a new accessory from stc.


Q: Who is eligible to Trade-in Program?
A: All existing and new customers as well as other operators beneficiaries.

Q: Does Trade-in Program cover all smart devices?
A: Trade-in Program covers devices provided and mentioned in the tables. In addition, smart device must comply with conditions and standards.

Q: Are service rates fixed for customer?
A: The prices provided by service representative are fixed and non-negotiable.

Q: How do I create an e-wallet?
A: Service provider will create an account for you after providing him/her with required data.

Q: Am I entitled to trade-in more than one device?
A: Yes, you are. Trade-in process amount will be deposited in e-wallet.