National MPLS IP VPN Feature & Benefits

How it works

STC's National MPLS IP VPN service enables national operators to provide their end-customers with a secure method of connecting multiple sites to transfer voice, data and multimedia traffic.

Operators can connect their end-customers to STC's VPN enabled routers in their nearest local exchanges to end-customer sites. STC then transmits the traffic between the routers over its secure MPLS core network. Access to the routers is available at speeds ranging from 64 kbps to 2.5 Gbps and supports xDSL, DLL, Ethernet, WiMax, GPRS/HSDPA and fixed wireless options.


STC's MPLS services offer enhanced performance, low total cost of ownership as well as flexibility, security and survivability. STC supports flexibility in its National MPLS IP-VPN offering with six levels of QoS ranging from a standard best-effort service to a high quality real-time service. This means traffic can be queued and prioritized with less packet loss and reliability issues. The technology is also adaptable future-proofing the architecture of a customer's network so it can deliver new services, latency sensitive traffic, bandwidth intensive traffic, VoIP and video.

STC is the go-to operator for MPLS services in the KSA.

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