Tech Terms You Need to Know

Tech Terms You Need to Know

Today, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and the majority of nowadays successful businesses are technology-based especially with tech companies heading the list of the world’s largest companies. As we use technology in our everyday business, we hear a lot of new terms and use them often without being fully aware of what
they mean. Below is a brief explanation of the real meaning of some important terms:


The term “Cybersecurity” is derived from the Latin word “Cyber” referring to the “Cyberspace”. Cybersecurity means the “security of the cyberspace” and consists of a set of technical, regulatory and administrative measures adopted to prevent misuse, unauthorized use or recovery of electronic information and communication systems and the information they contains in order to ensure the availability and continuity of the operation of information systems, enhance the protection, confidentiality and privacy of private data and take all the necessary measures to protect citizens and consumers from risks in cyberspace.
Cybersecurity is a broader concept than information security that includes securing data and information circulated through internal and external networks or stored in servers inside and outside organizations. Considering the importance of cybersecurity, the stc solutions program was launched to provide cybersecurity training for beginners. Further information are available on this link. You can find out more about the services

Cloud Computing:

It is a technology that depends on the transfer of processing and storage space to the so-called cloud, a remote server hosted by the internet and accessed through a service provider. By this, cloud computing transforms IT programs from products into services in order to exploit the super capabilities of service providers. Service providers share their huge potentials and strong servers with their clients to provide them with a variety of services that help them get rid of the burden of buying, equipping and maintaining expensive devices within their companies in order to carry out such functions. Cloud computing provides secure access to the stored data and information in a great way to preserve data and information feared to be lost. It also allows using advanced applications and software regardless of the efficiency of the hardware used as it relies on the strength of network servers and not on personal resources. You can find out more about the services

Internet of Things (IoT):

It is a sophisticated concept of the internet in which all things in our lives have the ability to connect to the internet or to each other through interconnected intelligent devices that send and receive data in order to perform specific functions through the network without the intervention of humans. For example, one can turn on his car engine and control it through their computer, do their laundry and know what they have in their fridge remotely through the use of internet, or remotely control and maintain a fleet of cars through an M2M sims. You can find out more about the services

Artificial Intelligence:

It is the ability of machines to simulate the human mind and how it works, such as its ability to think, discover and benefit from past experiences, in a way that has become the cornerstone of innovation. Artificial intelligence has made use of several forms of machine learning that recognize data patterns enabling the development of interaction with highly complex as well as normal tasks. Artificial intelligence is used in many military, industrial, economic, technical, medical, educational and service fields such as self-driving cars, drones, robotics and intelligent devices capable of performing mental operations such as industrial design inspection, process control and decision-making.

Big Data:

It is the vast amount of data that people generate everyday via voice calls, text messages, posts, photos and videos through communication networks and websites and becomes larger than the processing capability of traditional database tools. The analysis and processing of such big data allows their classification by size, type and speed as well as making use of their results. For example, WhatsApp has more than 1 billion users circulating more than 42 billion messages and 1.6 billion images on a daily basis. Big data are of great importance. They offer a high competitive advantage for companies providing them with a deeper understanding of their customers and requirements. This helps the companies that can use such date to make appropriate decisions in a more effective manner based on information extracted from customer databases, thus promoting their efficiency, boosting their profits and minimizing their losses. You can read about the investment of our company in this field


It is an event where computer programmers and others meet to develop software and participate extensively in software development either for educational or social purposes or on specific designs and projects. Hackathons usually lasts from one day to one week and are always aimed at creating usable software with no restriction on their types. Today, this term is commonly used in several other specialties, such as the “Marketing Pioneers” Hackathons and others. Examples include the Hajj Hackaton organized by the Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming and Drones, in which the KSA succeeded in achieving the highest record. The event in which stc played a major role, hosted 2950 developers and aimed at using technology in order to make Hajj easier for pilgrims. Read more. We also organized Cyber Saber Hackathon in innovative information security services.
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These are pre-programmed unmanned aircrafts that vary in size depending on their use. They can be used in various fields, including industry, agriculture, photography, aerial survey, and military. Drones have a wide range of applications, ranging from cinematography, cargo, service delivery and last but not least monitoring of military objectives. Drones can be divided into two types, one remotely controlled while the other uses artificial intelligence. While drones are mainly used for the surveillance and identification of aerial targets and for the command and control of interceptor aircrafts,
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Digital Currency:

Bitcoin remains the most famous digital currency. It represents a virtual currency and a global payment system comparable to other currencies such as the dollar or the euro but with several fundamental differences, most notably, being a fully electronic currency circulated and handled online without any tangible presence. It is also the first decentralized digital currency with no central regulatory body behind it, unlike traditional currencies. Payment with bitcoin is much easier than with credit or debit cards and can be accepted without the need for a merchant bank account. Payments with bitcoin are made through a Bitcoin Cash wallet app either through a personal computer or smartphone by entering the recipient’s address and the amount paid and sending it.


It is a sophisticated technology designed in a decentralized system that allows several entities to have joint unified data built in such a way that if one group is hacked, the others can not be at the same time. The technology processes and records operations allowing all parties to track information over a secure network that does not require third-party verification. Many banks and major companies have begun working on a financial transaction technology that is based on the Bitcoin blockchain, a distributed database to streamline financial transactions.

Social Engineering:

It is a set of technologies used to make people do specific actions or disclose confidential information. Social engineering is sometimes used in internet fraud to get the victim to do what is intended, since the primary purpose of social engineering is to ask undoubtful simple or trivial questions. It depends on the psychological targeting of the human being with hackers using some of the basic stimuli of human behavior such as planting fear, curiosity, distraction, enthusiasm or others.