Your device is from us‬ and your installments‬ from Quara Finance‬

Frequently asked questions


What are the minimum and maximum for device installment service?

A: The minimum is 4,000 SR and the maximum is 30,000 SR


How long does the approval process take?

A: The approval process takes 15 - 30 minutes, in case all documents are fully submitted.


If my financing request is rejected by you, what is the required procedure by stc?

A: Accepting and rejecting finance applications is the responsibility of Quara Finance (i.e. stc bears no liability for any procedure regarding the financing eligibility).


Are replacement and return policies applied in the process of installment purchase?

A: Yes. All provisions and policies of replacement and return shall apply.


Can I return the products purchased in installment and receive my cash back?

A: No, If you want to replace or return the devices purchased in installments, stc replacement and return policy shall apply.


Can I get more than installment service at sporadic times, if my purchases do not overpass the maximum?

A: Yes, provided that the period is not less than 3 months, and the installments of previous contract were being regularly paid.


How can I get installment service from Quara Finance?

A: You can complete the online application at Quara Finance website. You can also visit one of stc stores providing the service.


What are the branches that provide the installment service through Quara Finance?

A: Riyadh (Al-Suwaidi, Al Sharq, Al Shamal, King Fahad Road), Jeddah (Prince Sultan Road, AlSafa), Mecca (Al Shawkia), Dammam (Almajdouie, Al Shadi’), Maddina (Rawabi Qibaa), Jazan (Corniche “Main”), Khamis Mushait (Khamis Avenue).


What are the advantages of Takaful insurance’s service and the deduction rate?

A: The service provides Takaful insurance covering the remaining finance in case of death. The service shall not overpass the deduction ratios prescribed by SAMA.