Complaint Handling Procedures for Gov & B2B customers

  • Users are entitled to submit any complaints to their service provider if the complaint was submitted within 60 days of the incident or the disputed bill, unless it can be proven that the user was not aware of the bills issuance or the incident's occurrence at the time.
  • Complaints will be processed within five days.
  • Customers will be given a reference number for their complaint and an expected processing time vie e-mail ,SMS or Witten message.
  • Customers will receive written response to their complaint via short message, or an electronic or paper letter. in case of dissatisfaction clients can raise their complaints to concerned authorities.
  • Terms for Offering Telecom Services
  • The Customer’s Rights and Responsibilities

You may present and follow up your objections via any STC communication channe:

Calling us from outside of Saudi Arabia or another operator 0114520909.


Customer care call center ( 909 ).