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What Is RAQIB?

RAQIB is based on a state-of-the-art platform that includes advanced Video Management System (VMS) and advanced video storage servers on stc Cloud, enabling the facility owner to view stored video recordings for at least a month, increasing security and reliability. Also, RAQIB provides you other solutions based on advanced video analytics like: Face recognition, Car Number Plate recognition, People counting, Motion detection, Alerts…etc.
One of the prominent features of RAQIB is that it provides an integrated solution that includes cameras, cables, network devices (switches) and access to the service platform, in addition to the installation, maintenance and warranty.

What Are The Benefits Of RAQIB?

RAQIB is one of the unique security services provided by stc Business for its business customers to enable them to monitor their business and secure their locations, anywhere, anytime, using IP cameras connected to the Internet, where video records are transferred to and recorded in stc secure datacenters, so they can reach and visualize them on any Internet enabled Smartphone app or computer, which contributes to raising security level and save time and effort for business owners.
The service includes the provision of equipment, installation, maintenance and after-sales services around the clock, all for an easy and simplified monthly subscription.

What Are The Features Of RAQIB?

  • Supply and installation of devices with competitive prices.
  • possibility of integrating your existing IP cameras if it complies with RAQIB requirements.
  • Compatibility with different types of IP cameras.
  • Video records are saved on a secure cloud, which helps to raise security level.
  • Easy access to your recordings through Cloud services.
  • Monitor all your branches from one interface, anytime, anywhere.
  • Unlimited scalability by adding new cameras or increasing storage period.
  • Get a deeper understanding of your customers and grow your business with advanced video analytics.
  • Operational efficiency through an integrated solution including hardware, installation, Video Management System, Cloud storage, and free maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need Internet connectivity to get this service?

Yes, you can ask about the required speed, and then subscribe to it prior to the activation of RAQIB.

Will stc provide the electric power?

stc will provide the power and connectivity to the cameras, and the customer will take care of providing the electricity to the control devices.

How does the maintenance work?

In case RAQIB is experiencing any defect, stc will repair the defect and change the damaged equipment free of charge. After the hardware warranty is finished, the customer pays only for the devices.

Can I connect old analog cameras with RAQIB?؟

No, RAQIB works only with IP cameras.

Do I need internet connectivity to reach my video records?

Yes, the video records are saved on the cloud, and can be reached through Internet enabled computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

How can I reach the video records on the cloud?

This is done by accessing the service web portal using the username and password provided to you on activation day, or by using RAQIB app on your smartphone.

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