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Dedicated Access Service enables you to connect to the largest MPLS in the kingdom, guarantee you a business - class connection and stable every minute of the day.

Why choose us:

  • Symmetrical uploads and downloads.
  • Speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps.
  • High availability across our Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.
  • 24/7 professional support.
  • Long-term plans (up to five years) available at discounted rates.
  • Flat rates.
  • Redundant structure.


The displayed prices include 15% VAT

Access Speeds Installation Charge Monthly Subscription - DIA Access
64 Kbps SR575 SR713
128 Kbps SR575 SR730
256 Kbps SR575 SR748
512 Kbps SR575 SR886
1 Mbps SR575 SR932
2 Mbps SR575 SR1,242
3 Mbps SR575 SR1,811
4 Mbps SR575 SR2,381
5 Mbps SR575 SR2,950
6 Mbps SR575 SR3,519
7 Mbps SR575 SR4,088
8 Mbps SR575 SR4,658
9 Mbps SR575 SR5,175
10 Mbps SR5,750 SR5,175
11 Mbps SR5,750 SR5,678
12 Mbps SR5,750 SR6,181
13 Mbps SR5,750 SR6,684
14 Mbps SR5,750 SR7,188
15 Mbps SR5,750 SR7,691
16 Mbps SR5,750 SR8,194
17 Mbps SR5,750 SR8,697
18 Mbps SR5,750 SR9,200
19 Mbps SR5,750 SR9,703
20 Mbps SR5,750 SR10,206
25 Mbps SR5,750 SR12,722
30 Mbps SR5,750 SR15,238
34 Mbps SR5,750 SR15,640
45 Mbps SR5,750 SR20,479
50 Mbps SR5,750 SR22,678
60 Mbps SR5,750 SR27,077
70 Mbps SR5,750 SR29,814
75 Mbps SR5,750 SR29,814
80 Mbps SR5,750 SR31,769
90 Mbps SR5,750 SR35,679
100 Mbps SR5,750 SR39,589
120 Mbps SR5,750 SR47,409
130 Mbps SR5,750 SR49,364
140 Mbps SR5,750 SR49,364
155 Mbps SR5,750 SR49,364
200 Mbps SR5,750 SR62,560
300 Mbps SR5,750 SR91,885
400 Mbps SR5,750 SR121,210
500 Mbps SR5,750 SR150,535
620 Mbps SR5,750 SR160,310
700 Mbps SR5,750 SR180,642
800 Mbps SR5,750 SR206,057
900 Mbps SR5,750 SR231,472
1 Gbps SR5,750 SR250,729
1.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR371,709
2 Gbps SR5,750 SR492,689
2.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR613,669
3 Gbps SR5,750 SR734,649
3.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR855,629
4 Gbps SR5,750 SR976,609
4.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR1,097,589
5 Gbps SR5,750 SR1,218,569
5.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR1,339,549
6 Gbps SR5,750 SR1,460,529
6.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR1,581,509
7 Gbps SR5,750 SR1,702,489
7.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR1,823,469
8 Gbps SR5,750 SR1,944,449
8.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR2,065,429
9 Gbps SR5,750 SR2,186,409
9.5 Gbps SR5,750 SR2,307,389
10 Gbps SR5,750 SR2,428,369

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