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Safe Link service bundle offers high quality internet service using latest fiber and microwave technologies, which is secured against DDoS attacks, managed and monitored 24X7.

Why choose us:

  • Dedicated internet service with symmetrical in download and upload in terms of internet speed.
  • Premium business-class internet connection with bandwidth ranges from 1MB up to 10GB.
  • Reliable and high quality internet speed.
  • Management and Monitoring Package 24X7.
  • Provide Public IP Addresses.
  • Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (Anti-DDoS) Standard Package .
  • Professional support through a dedicated call centre and remote support operation.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Protection against DDoS attack 24X7.
  • Peace of mind for the customers to focus on their businesses.
  • Safe Link Bundle Value added services at additional prices such as MRS and Maintenance SLA 24X7.


The displayed prices include 15% VAT

Access Speeds Installation Charge Bundle MRC
1 Mbps SR3,200 SR3,732
2 Mbps SR3,200 SR5,834
4 Mbps SR3,200 SR10,481
5 Mbps SR3,200 SR12,805
6 Mbps SR3,200 SR15,129
8 Mbps SR3,200 SR19,777
10 Mbps SR8,375 SR23,894
15 Mbps SR8,375 SR35,230
20 Mbps SR8,375 SR46,567
25 Mbps SR8,375 SR57,903
30 Mbps SR8,375 SR69,240
40 Mbps SR8,375 SR72,864
50 Mbps SR8,375 SR112,344
60 Mbps SR8,375 SR131,371
70 Mbps SR8,375 SR151,565
75 Mbps SR8,375 SR153,118
80 Mbps SR8,375 SR171,090
90 Mbps SR8,871 SR192,287
100 Mbps SR8,871 SR213,484
120 Mbps SR8,871 SR249,667
130 Mbps SR8,871 SR268,676
140 Mbps SR8,871 SR286,012
155 Mbps SR8,871 SR312,016
200 Mbps SR8,871 SR401,311
300 Mbps SR9,368 SR576,459
400 Mbps SR9,368 SR767,132
500 Mbps SR9,368 SR944,868
620 Mbps SR9,368 SR1,138,145
700 Mbps SR9,368 SR1,275,934
800 Mbps SR9,368 SR1,450,326
900 Mbps SR9,368 SR1,624,719
1 Gbps SR9,368 SR1,793,846
2 Gbps SR9,368 SR3,485,947
3 Gpbs SR9,368 SR5,178,048
4 Gbps SR9,368 SR6,870,148
5 Gbps SR9,368 SR8,562,249
6 Gbps SR9,368 SR10,254,350
7 Gbps SR9,368 SR11,946,451
8 Gbps SR9,368 SR13,638,552
9 Gbps SR9,368 SR15,330,652
10 Gbps SR9,368 SR17,022,753

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