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Businesses across the globe have been changing their work models to enable remote work and adapt to an ever-changing environment. But, establishing a secure workspace suitable for remote work is a major challenge for IT teams around the world.
Fortunately, FileValt can help. It is a complete enterprise file-sharing and syncing platform that empowers both administrators and users, and offers full control, unmatched security, total data isolation, and complete ownership.

How will you benefit from FileValt?

  • Access easy-to-deploy encrypted cloud storage
    FileValt encrypts and stores your files on stc cloud in no time. And while encryption runs seamlessly in the background, you can easily sync all your files across devices.
  • Secure collaboration
    With FileValt, collaboration is safe and hassle-free. You can share any stored file, internally and externally, via links with several security options. Plus, you can set up dedicated folders for different teams and control who accesses, edits, and shares files in that folder.
  • Keep control of your data
    Because remote work does not mean unregulated work, FileValt enables total control, privacy, and security. Through the Admin Center you can track all files and set up policies for different users and groups. You can also protect critical business data with passwords and access reports on how employees are managing company data.
  • Seamlessly switch to remote work
    A lot of companies are faced with the challenge of switching to remote work overnight. FileValt integrates easily with existing IT Systems so your team can quickly start working from home without interruption.

‏If you’re an stc business customer, you can try Filevalt free trail for 3 months by clicking here.

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