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Credit Limit



I have an activated Postpaid 400 package, and my current credit limit is 500 Riyals. How does the new policy affect my credit limit?

In this case, increase your credit limit to match the value of all your activated services and packages. Otherwise, your number will be deactivated when you exceed your credit limit.


I am currently subscribed to the Postpaid 200 package and to the 2 GB package, which totals to a monthly fee of 300 Riyals. Can I reduce my credit limit to 100?

No, since the credit limit must not fall short of the total value of your recurrent and non-recurrent subscription fees.


What is the maximum possible credit limit?

For non-Tamayouz customers, the credit limit may be increased to a maximum value equal to 125% of the average value of the last 3 bills. As for Tamayouz customers, they can increase it to 200% of the average value of the last 3 bills.


How can I know what my current credit limit is?

Send “4020” by SMS message to 900 or use the mystc application.


Are the fees of non-recurrent services, such as the one-time internet roaming service, included in the credit limit?