Our ambitions and dreams go further

Towards growing Local Content in the ICT sector and contributing to the development of national capabilities.

Rawafed Program

The Kingdom is witnessing a series of important transformations in its pursuit to sustain and continuously improve the quality of life for all citizens.
As a leading national company today, stc is responsible for playing a vital role in shaping the future and achieving it’s desired sustainable development goals.

Vision 2030 set ambitious goals for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to bring about a qualitative leap in the Saudi economy, including increasing gross domestic product (GDP), increasing non-oil private sector participation and reducing unemployment. Increasing Local Content is one of the main pillars for achieving these goals.

Local Content

The total expenditure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the participation of various Saudi elements from labor, goods, and services, to assets and technology.

Percentage of Local Content

Goods or Services

Local components that are used to produce goods or services.



Sources and components of goods for developing production chains.



Labor used in manufacturing products or providing services.



Research, development and training of Saudi workforce.


Rawafed Program

What is the Rawafed Program

Rawafed Program

stc has been committed, since its inception, to developing key sectors in the Kingdom in addition to the long-term Local Content development that it undertakes. As Local Content is an essential part pf stc's strategy for the year 2017, stc launched the Rawafed Program in 2018

Rawafed's vision is to champion Local Content to build, develop and grow teh ICT sector within KSA by increasing its overall contribution to the Kingdoms GDP.

Rawafed Program Strategy

stc is committed to leading and developing the Local Content in the ICT sector in the Kingdom by increasing the contribution to GDP. Rawafed is the main means to achieve this ambitious goal.

Operating Model

Through its operating model, Rawafed program presents a sustainable institutional work that focuses on the continuity of the creation and development of Local Content stc.

Discover: Identify & prioritize Local Content opportunities based on strategic pillars and define Local Content targets

Deliver: Execute Local Content targets, monitor performance and submit periodic reports

Digest: show Local Content growth and improve performance continually

Strategic Themes

The Rawafed Program strategy is built on four main pillars that can be summarized as below:

SME Development Workforce

Grow direct and indirect spending with SMEs through SME development plans.

Establish direct partnerships with SMEs

Industry Localization

Support localizing manufacturing& create new industrieswithin KSA.

Attract Suppliers to localize supply chain and operations.

Digitization & Innovation

Develop local innovation plans with strategic Suppliers.

Foster innovation through sector focused training and learning.

Workforce Development

Increase Saudization rate at key positions.

Empower Women participation in ICT sector.

Drive Suppliers to increase Saudization through targets and KPIs.

Rawafed Journey