tamayouz partners

It is a program of excellence designed for stc special customers. It introduces them to a world of exclusive and high-end personalized services 24\7. As an expression of their uniqueness.

Tamayouz Discounts

You can benefit from the available discounts by providing the partner with their mobile number. A message will be sent to the customer with a temporary PIN to take advantage of the discount.

Free subscription to the stc tv app for all Tamayouz customers

Jawwy TV



How can I join?

If you have a postpaid or landline service, you will be included in the program automatically when your total payments in 12 months fall within one of Tamayouz categories:

  •  To join tamayouz Gold tier your total payments must be 7,800 SR
  • To join tamayouz Platinum tier your total payments must be 24,000 SR
  • To join tamayouz Diamond tier your total payments must be 48,000 SR


How long will I maintain in a tier?

You will maintain in the tier for 12 months period, then there will be an assessment happening to see the customer’s last 12 months spending, and you will either stay in the same tier, get an upgrade, or a downgrade.


Can Sawa and Landline customers join tamayouz program?

No, for Sawa customer.

Yes, for landline customers.


What are the advantages of tamayouz?

There are several advantages given to each tamayouz category from inside discounts and offers on stc services to outside discounts with our partners.

For full details, please use mystc or visit http://stc.sa/loyaltyprogramsen


Will I receive qitaf points as a tamayouz member?

  • tamayouz Gold will receive like qitaf Classic which is 1 qitaf point for every 10 SAR
  • tamayouz Platinum will receive 1.5 qitaf points for every 10 SAR
  • tamayouz Diamond will receive 2 qitaf points for every 10 SAR


Can anyone activate, cancel or change tamayouz discounts?



How can tamayouz customers choose tamayouz keys for mobile benefits?

There are 3 channels to activate their keys; through mystc application, send “tamayouz to 900” or call 900 and ask the staff to activate.


What do tamayouz customers need to do to get tamayouz partners discount?

Just to provide any number under his/her ID and provide the OTP number to the partner to activate the discount.


How do I know my loyalty number? Can I change it?

From mystc application ONLY:

1)      View your profile

2)      Click on Primary number

3)      You will find at the bottom the primary number

You can click and choose any number under your ID


What is the excluded services from awarding tamayouz membership points?

tamayouz membership points is awarded in all stc services except DCB services.