We Overcome Corona

stc initiatives and efforts in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Let us introduce you to the initiatives stc has launched in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in cooperation with local government entities to ensure around the clock service provision for all customer categories.

  • Raising network capacity by managing and distributing internet traffic to ensure the continuity of all daily life activities for all our customers.
  • Providing 40,000 internet SIM cards for free, in cooperation with the Digital Giving Initiative "Atta", to grant disadvantaged groups access to the Internet and educational platforms, with a total value of SR 5 million.
  • Enhancing our digital channels by adding greater capabilities to provide all services and maintain service reachability to your homes in order to ensure the sustainability of your businesses.
  • Granting children free access to educational platforms, as well as the addition of the iEN, National Education Portal on Jawwy TV, to ensure the continuity of learning through all available digital channels.
  • Eliminating temporary service suspension fees for SMEs in order to mitigate potential economic impacts.
  • Extending payment deadlines for customers due to the current global circumstances.
  • Taking quick actions in response to the current circumstances and collaborating with the Ministry of Health on a number of health campaigns by sending over 1.5 billion awareness messages to all of our customers in multiple languages. The initiative is valued at SR 40 million.
  • Enabling free access to some health platforms such as, the Sehha app and the and Immunity Forum (Manaah) .
  • Providing free Internet and communication services for citizens and residents currently in quarantine, in order to ensure the continuity of their work and daily life activities.
  • Opening the free public Wi-Fi network covering 129 health facilities around the Kingdom as a part of our supporting provided to health facilities in the Kingdom during COVID-19 global pandemic.
  • Supporting small and medium enterprises to manage the potential negative economic impacts during the global Covid-19 pandemic, by promoting their services through the stc digital platforms.
  • As KSA continues efforts to face the covid-19 pandemic to ensure continuity of all life activities and maintain its quality. stc provided Customer service free of charge to support responding to individual inquiries through the application of Tawakklna
  • As part of our corporate citizenship and continues efforts to manage covid-19 pandemic impact we collaborated with Bunyan Charity to distribute 735 Food basket and deliver it to the beneficiaries that most impacted and less able to reach the stores and services.
  • As Part of stc’s contribution to the society during Covid-19, in coordination with Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance- The Administration Mosques Affairs in Madinah region, stc initiated a volunteering initiative to clean and sterilize a group of mosques and adding precautionary measures to achieve physical distance between worshipers in addition to providing carpets for single use and a set of sterilizers



As part of our commitment to our dear stc employees:

In response to this pandemic, we have taken the following measures to protect our employees and mitigate the expected repercussions of this global pandemic:

  • Remote work has been activated as soon as the World Health Organization announced the epidemic in order to ensure the safety of our employees and their families, and ensure the sustainability of our business and services by fully activating all possible technical solutions. The percentage of employees working from their homes has reached 93%.
  • Limiting office attendance as much as possible and allowing attendance only to jobs that require physical presence at the workplace.
  • Providing stc buildings with all medical precautions to ensure employee safety.
  • Requiring all employees returning from abroad to remain quarantined in their homes for a period of 14 days, and providing them with the appropriate tools to complete their work. This was applied before announcing the remote work policy for all employees in order to ensure their safety.
  • Carrying out a number of internal awareness campaigns for employees to ensure that precautionary measures are being followed and that the guidelines announced by official authorities are implemented.
  • Providing all technical solutions to enable our employees to complete their tasks efficiently and ensure workflow continuity.
  • Providing home solutions for our employees working in the 900 customer service call centers to ensure around the clock assistance services to all our customers at home to ensure their safety and continuity of high quality service provision. The number of employees working from their homes reached 90% and we are working on reaching 100%.
  • Internal transportation within the Telecommunication Complex has been suspended in order to reduce assembly points, thus ensuring the safety of our employees.


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