Sep 17, 2020

1 million interactions on "Tawakkalna" platform... customer satisfaction rates for phone calls exceeds 93%

As the number of "Tawakkalna" subscribers reaches 7 million, stc Group asserted it will be enhancing its contribution in managing interactions with beneficiaries by dedicating a unified call center , equipped with 600 male and female employees. It is managed by stc’s subsidiary, CCC, which specializes in managing customer experiences for a large number of private and government clients, and employs a staff that exceeds 5000 employees.
stc explained that the number of interactions over the past four months exceeded one million interactions, including customer inquiries, and processing incoming requests through phone, social media and digital channels, with a customer satisfaction rate of over 93% on phone calls.
With life going back to normalcy, "Tawakkalna" application, launched by Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SDAIA) and approved by the Ministry of Health, helps strengthen precautionary measures and facilitates the provision of digital services to all stakeholders - including individuals and private and government sectors. During the pandemic, the application enabled government and private entities that were exempt from the curfew to issue permissions for employees electronically through a platform for government agencies and another for the private sector, in addition to obtaining permits directly to all those who needed to move around during the lockdown.