What are the documents required to complete fingerprint verification?

For AP: Copy of the Commercial Registration (at least the CR or the 700 number), copy of the Authorization Letter(if he is not registered in STC systems) & ID. For the End Users: Personal ID.


Can a customer have more than one Authorized person?

Yes, as explained earlier, there are multiple authorization types.


What should customers do if they find unidentified SIM numbers under their accounts?

Contact the account manager, call 909 or just wait for SIMs to be de-activated automatically by STC.


What should customers do if some of their SIM numbers do not appear under their accounts?

Contact the account manager or call 909.


What should an Authorized Person do after SIMs to end-users?

He should notify end users they need to conduct Fingerprint Verification or contact an STC account manager for managed accounts.


If my company is not registered on the MyBusiness Portal, what are the documents required for registration?

Please check the user guide for MyBusiness Portal for requirements.