Our Strategy

We are a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to our customers and enabling the digital transformation of the MENA region

STC - Saudi Telecom Company

Digitize STC

Digitally transform STC's operational capabilities
  • Transform STC into an data driven organization
  • Become an agile technology delivery company
  • Digitize STC internal journeys to improve experience, enhance performance and drive efficiencies

Accelerate performance of core assets

Extract more value from our core assets and traditional segments
  • Instill culture change
  • Lead market in digital services
  • Drive fixed consumer take-up
  • Improve data economics
  • Grow B2G and B2B SME segments
  • Drive further efficiencies

Reinvent customer experience to world-class standards

Redefine customer experience through personalization of every interaction
  • Lead in network QoE
  • Simplify customer interactions
  • Personalise the customer relationship
  • Reinvent the sales channels

Expand aggressively scale and scope

Pursue concrete opportunities for growth
  • Adjacent Services and applications :
    - OTT Media
    - Digital Financial services
    - ITS
  • Platforms
  • Connectivity & infrastructure:
    - Telco assets
    - Towers
    - Wholesale

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