Our Strategy

Our DARE Strategy outlines the key pillars to expand STC’s topline, create value with greater efficiencies, while preparing the company for the future

Digitize STC

Digitally transform STC's operational capabilities
  • Transform STC into a data driven organization
  • Become an agile technology delivery company
  • Digitize STC internal journeys to improve experience, enhance performance and drive efficiencies

Accelerate core asset performance

Extract more value from our core assets and traditional segments
  • Instill culture change
  • Lead market in digital services
  • Drive fixed consumer take-up
  • Improve data economics
  • Grow B2G and B2B SME segments
  • Drive further efficiencies

Reinvent customer experience at world class standards

Redefine customer experience through personalization of every interaction
  • Lead in network QoE
  • Simplify customer interactions
  • Personalise the customer relationship
  • Reinvent the sales channels

Expand aggressively scale and scope

Pursue concrete opportunities for growth
  • Adjacent Services and applications.
  • Platforms
  • Connectivity & infrastructure.

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