Senior Management Team

Nasser Sulaiman Al Nasser


Riyadh Saeed Muawad

Senior VP of Enterprise Business Unit

Ameen Fahad Alshiddi


Haithem Mohammed Alfaraj

Senior VP of Technology and Operations Unit

Ulaiyan Mohammed Alwetaid

Senior VP of Consumer Business Unit

Jeremy L Sell


Abdullah Abdulrahman Alkanhl

Senior VP of Corporate Affairs

Bader Abdullah Allhieb

Operations VP

Emad Aoudah Alaoudah

Procurement and Support Services VP

Ahmad Musfer Alghamdi

People VP

Mohammed Abdullah Alabbadi

Strategy Execution and Corporate Performance VP

Khalid Mansour Albarrak

Corporate Analytics and Data VP

Amir Abdulaziz Algibreen

Regulatory Affairs VP

Mohammed Abdulaziz Alhakbani

Enterprise Accounts VP

Abdullah Mohsen Alowini

Enterprise Architecture VP

Yasser Zaben Al Otaibi

Business  Operations VP

Khaled Ibrahim Aldharrab

Infrastructure VP

Othman Dahash Aldahash

Corporate Development VP

Abdulaziz Abdullah Alqatie

Financial Reporting & Control VP

Wijnand Ernst Baron Van Till

Business Finance VP

Riyadh Hamdan Alonazi

Customer Experience & Operations VP

Dimitris G Lioulias

Strategy VP

Yasser Najeeb Alswailem

Cyber Security VP

Alan Francis Whelan

Wholesale Business Unit VP

Markus M. Golder

Customer Value Management & Analytics VP

Ali Abdullah Alharbi

Corporate Finance VP

Abdullah Sail Alanizi

Chief Internal Audit

Rafat Bari Malik

STC Academy Dean

Sultan Hassan Binsaeed

Business Development VP

Abdulaziz Mohammed Alhaider

Key Accounts VP

Yazeed Abdulaziz Alfaris

Applications VP

Bandar Mosalm Allehyani

Mobility Services VP

Munif Nayef Bin Darwish

Residential Services VP

Mathad Faisal Alajmi

VP and General Counsel of Legal Affaires

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