Local and International Awards

Local and International Awards

STC wins 6 awards at Effie Awards 2019

Effie Grand Prix for the Roaming Puppet. 3 Gold Awards in the Sustained Success category for “LaYwagif”, in the Brand Experience category for MySTC App and in Youth Marketing for Tuby, 2 Silver Awards in the Sustained Success category for “LaYwagif” and in the Shopper Marketing category for MySTC App

STC Wins 6 Awards at Dubai Lynx 2019 Festival

Grand Prix, Category A10 on Advertising Campaigns for Akhou Nora Campaign. Grand Prix, Category A10 on Film Craft for TUBY Campaign. Gold Award on Public Relations for Akhou Nora Campaign. Three Bronze Awards on Media and Film Craft for The Big Shutdown, Sarah The Game Changer and Qitaf Campaigns.

STC won the “Pioneer Marketing Award” as Best Advertising Campaign for "Digital Day"

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) ranked the 2nd place as the best advertising campaign in 2018. In the track of (Store of the year) in the third edition of the Pioneer Marketing Award. The Digital Day campaign was highly echoed when it was launched on 19 December 2018. The company closed more than 220 branches around the Kingdom. In order to raise awareness about its digital channels: MySTC, Self-service machines MySTC Shop and interactive messages through 900. More than 151 businesses with different sectors from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries have participated.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) Crowned with the Golden Award for “MySTC campaign” and with the Silver Award for “UnveilSaudi”

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) won the Golden Award for MySTC Campaign for the Effective Integration of the Channels, and won the Silver Award for the "UnveilSaudi" campaign for the Effective Use of Partnerships at the WARC Media Awards.

STC won the SPEEDTEST award for the fastest mobile internet in the Kingdom for the third time.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has received the Speedtest® award for its mobile network for the third and fourth quarter in 2018. STC achieved a Speed Score™ of 29.99, with average speeds of 32.95 Mbps for download and 16.25 Mbps for upload. This is the 3rd consecutive year for STC to win the Speedtest® award.

STC Won the Excellence Award in Corporate Governance

Alfaisal University honored STC for the Excellence Award in Corporate Governance at the 2nd Annual Corporate Governance Conference. According to the index of the Corporate Governance Center at Alfaisal university which is listed in “Tadawl, STC is one of the top five corporate governance companies in the Kingdom. Majed A. Alshabana, Legal GM, received the honorary shield from His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Ali Al-Hiaza, Rector of Alfaisal University.

STC Won Makkah Excellence Award

STC won Makkah excellence award for its strategic partnership.

STC takes home several awards from Dubai Lynx Festival of Creativity

The Saudi Arabian telecom company STC has received a total of 7 awards (1 Grand Prix, 2 silver, 4 bronze) during the 2017 Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity. STC received these awards based on the creativity portrayed in their advertising campaigns (Unveil Saudi and the MYSTC application).

Super Hattrick For STC

In continuation for its role as a leader in the telecommunication industry, STC won four awards in different filed in the same day, Wednesday, November 11th, 2016. The first two awards were provided by Effie Worldwide. Effie Worldwide is a nonprofit organization and provide awards to honor the most effective marketing communications ideas. Begin with a special award for the platform “ laywagif” as a gate and source for media and entertainment content and another award to MYSTC app for the marketing campaign “The campaign that never saw the light“ . Cenk Serdar, Consumer SVP and Ahmed A. Alsahhaf , Marketing Communication GM attended the celebration in Dubai. Morover, the company won the “Customer service provider of the year” award During the celebration of CommsMEA Awards 2016 (The leading awards event for the region's telecoms sector) in Dubai. The award was received by Abdullah A. Aljeraiwi, VP Human Capital and Corporate Services at Integral. Finally, STC acquired King Khalid Development Partners Award for supporting “The Clinicians” App. This award is an annual award that aims to honor the achievements of inspiring individuals or groups in corporate Social responsibilities (CSR).

Gold Medal for STC

STC received the gold medal for “contact center” award and the silver medal for “Best use of Social Media in the Contact Center” award during Contact Center World Summit 2016. Mohammad A. Almositeer, Technical Centers Director, received the awards on behalf of STC.

New Award for STC Loyalty Program Qitaf-Tamayouz

STC’s Qitaf-Tamayouz Loyalty Program was recognized as the leading loyalty program within the telecom industry at the Loyalty Magazine’s annual Loyalty Awards held in London On the 21st of June. The award coincides with the 10 year anniversary of the loyalty program and recognizes the amazing effort of the STC team to convert Qitaf-Tamayouz from a single operator points program into the multi-partner ecosystem as it is today. Qitaf-Tamayouz now provides our 11 million active members a wide range of customized offerings to meet their needs and preferences.

New Award for STC Loyalty Program Qitaf-Tamayouz

At the latest installment of the annual CMO Awards for Excellence in Branding & Marketing, STC’s Qitaf-Tamayouz loyalty program was awarded the prestigious title of Best Loyalty Program. This award recognizes as the best program from across industries that best rewards and delights customers. The award coincides with the 10 year anniversary of the Qitaf-Tamayouz program and recognizes the hard work by the entire team to evolve Qitaf-Tamayouz into a leader in the loyalty space. Serving more than 11 million members, Qitaf-Tamayouz offers an unrivaled range of products and services to reward customers for their loyalty to STC.


STC Wins the Middle East Grand Prix at the Lorez Award Ceremony

“Lorez” is considered a non-profit organization established in 1978A.D., when its activities were geographically limited to Johannesburg in South Africa. The organization later realized the importance of innovative excellence through its contact with consumers from other regions and expanded its scope to cover new areas in the world.


Gold and Silver Medals for STC

STC received the “Mega contact centers” and “social media services” awards during the contact center world completion in the presence of 32 specialized companies in the customer service.


2016 – STC wins multiple Dubai Lynx Creativity awards

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) received a staggering number of 6 awards (1 Gold, 3 Silver, and 2 Bronze) at the Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity of 2016. STC was recognized for its outstanding work on the Rayi7 Rayi7, Dawri Plus, and Laywagif campaigns.


2015 - STC obtains OKAZ and EFFIE awards

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has been awarded for its effectiveness by the Effie awards and for its creativity by the Okaz awards, meaning STC made its mark both globally and locally respectively. STC won a Bronze Effie and 2 Gold Okaz awards.


2014 - STC wins 4 MENA CRISTAL awards

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has successfully secured 4 Mena Cristal awards for its print and outdoor Roaming campaigns during the 2014 Mena Cristal event. STC was awarded 2 Sapphire and 2 Emerald awards.

STC Procurement wins EIPM Award

In continuation of the ongoing success of the STC Procurement over the previous period, the Procurement Sector celebrated the winning of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Award, which is considered one of the leading international awards specializing in procurement systems and process. The Procurement sector in STC has witnessed a radical transformation over the past three years in terms of work process, systems, and the development of relations with suppliers measures.

STC Comes on Top at World in Social Media Response to Customers

STC has globally occupied the first place in quick response to its customers. CUSTOMER CARE account on Twitter (@STCCare) achieved the first place as the fastest responding company among all global telecom companies all over the world on Twitter and Facebook.


STC- The best wholesale operator in the MENA region

As part of the activities of the Telecoms World Middle East 2015 that was held in Dubai, STC wins the twin awards for best wholesale operator for data and voice services in the MENA region. This award is considered one of the global awards for wholesale services for the MENA region. The award is bestowed through the process of nomination and differentiation between distinguished operators during the year.

STC Obtains an ISO Certification in Customer Complaints Handling

STC has successfully achieved the world-renowned ISO Certification for effectively handling customer complaints in its call centers. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), independent nonprofit organization, granted the ISO 10002:2004 certificate to the Call Center Technologies Department of the Data Centers Services and IT Operations General Management at STC. LRQA had thoroughly reviewed the policies and procedures of the department, inspected its premises, and conducted interviews with key employees to ensure that work processes comply with international standards.

STC wins ISO 27001

Saudi Telecom Company’s (STC) Security Operation Center (SOC) has been awarded the International Standards Organization (ISO) global certificate ISO 27001:2005, which acknowledges STC’s continued excellence in information security standards.


STC wins Middle East performance excellence Award

STC won MENA performance excellence and telecom service delivery Award for 2013 offered by COMMSMEA magazine specialized in communications and information technology news. The award was received by GM of STC Corporate Communications in an annual ceremony organized by the magazine the day before yesterday evening in Dubai where operators and individuals who had a leading role in the development of the region’s telecom sector were honored.

ISO 9001:2008 in management and operation of world data center services specialized in quality management systems

This accomplishment is a continuation of STC concern for raising the level of all services and management and organizational processes by adherence to the world metrics and standards based on meeting and delivering services that feature quick and satisfactory response to customer needs. Furthermore, the world quality recognition of STC reflects its commitment to adopting the best quality standards at all operational levels wherever it is present.

Excellence Award for Customer Services

STC has been honored with the Customer Services Excellence Award by Global Telecom Business. The award was received by GM of STC Network Solutions in the ceremony held in London. The award had been granted to STC for its delivery of complete and inno


The best BlackBerry application 2013

STC won the best BlackBerry application for “Abyat” application it offers to its customers via INTGRAL – its digital arm. The award was granted to STC by The Mobile Show held in Dubai emirate as an emphasis to its distinct role in the region an


The Distinction Award for Information Security Control Project 2013

STC received the Distinction Award for Information Security Control and Operating Project for the entire region due to its efforts intended for raising security levels for SOC that is managed by STC


The Award for the Best Provider of Telecom Services to Airports in Emerging Markets for 2012

STC wins the “Award for The Best Provider of Telecom Services to Airports in Emerging Markets in 2012” during the Third Award Ceremony held on Jan 30th, 2013 in Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Dubai, UAE. The ceremony was organized by Arabian Reach Co.


Mid East Media Reach-Out Award -2012

STC has won the Awards of the Middle East Institute for Excellence in the management of institutional communications and media reach-out, of the Datamatix International, in Dubai, the Emirates, in recognition of its role in promoting institutional co


STC Best Provider of Mobile Services in the Kingdom | 2012

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has won the title, “Best Mobile Service Provider”, in the fourth annual poll, conducted by Mobile Trend, a telecommunications and information technology magazine. A large segment of citizens and residents from all part


joining an elite international group of industry-leading companies | 2012

STC has been appointed to the PMI® Global Executive Council and by that joining an elite international group of industry-leading companies that are committed to advancing their organization’s project, program and portfolio management capabilities


Mobile Operator of the Year | 2012

Mobile Operator of the Year.


Best iPhone App | 2012

STC has won the award for the best iPhone app, in recognition of its support for the development of mobile applications, and its active contribution in providing technical solutions, as well as its leadership role in the communications and internet s


Distinctive award – Employment Nationalization | 2012

Distinctive award – Employment Nationalization.


TMT Conference Middle East | 2011

STC wins the International Award for Development, Experience Transfer, and Innovation at TMT Conference Middle East.


TMT Conference Middle East | 2011

STC wins the best operator of mobile phone services at TMT Conference.


TMT Conference Middle East | 2011

STC wins the Leadership Award for pioneer Role in Telecom Industry.


cisco innovation awards 2011

STC wins the Most Innovative Data Center Project of the year from Cisco International.


Customer Care Excellence Award granted by Middle East Excellence Awards Institute for the year 2011

STC wins the Customer Care Excellence Award granted by Middle East Excellence Awards Institute during a prize giving ceremony as part of the activities for the 9th GCC Government and Business Global Competitiveness Customer Care.


Transparency Award for Saudi Stock Companies for the year 2010

Granted by BMG Financial Consultations Firm.


Operational Excellence Award | 2010

Operational Excellence Award at the Global Forum for Communications TM Forum Management World 2010 held in Nice in France and focused on aspects of the management and implementation of a new generation of surveillance systems and operating NGOSS.


American Board of Project Management PMP | 2010

American Board of Project Management PMP Approved STC & became the first telecommunications company in the Middle East are adopting this global assessment.


Dubai Lynx | 2010

(Dubai Linux) to the advertiser Excellence in the Middle East and North Africa this year.


King Abdul Aziz Quality Award for the year 2008

Granted by Saudi Arabian Standards & Specifications Organization (SASO).


(MCIT) Digital Excellence Award for the year 2008

Granted by The Ministry of Communications & Information Technology.


Best Wholesale Carrier Award for the year 2008

Best Wholesale Carrier in Middle East.

Won the "Leadership" award for Social Responsibility

From the International institute fo Social Responsibility in Dubai.


Transparency Award for Saudi Stock Companies for the year 2008

Granted by BMG Financial Consultations Firm.


The Best Telecommunications Company Award for the year 2008

Granted by Arabian Business Magazine.


Maintained our No.1 position in the Forbes magazine

Telecom Companies ranking for the Region in 2008.

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has assigned STC with 'A+' long-term and 'A1'

STC is the first telecom company in the region to attain this strong rating, and one of the top five rated telecom companies in the world.

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