Marhaba Cards For phone calls

Marhaba cards enable you to call a local landline or international line from any telephone, even if it doesn't have the international zero service. You can also use this service with Sawa recharged cards by calling (8004400022).

Service Charge:

  • There are no service fees.

Card Categories:

Marhaba cards are available in several categories(SR 11.5 - SR 23 - SR 57.5 - SR 115)

Marhaba and SAWA call charges are as follow:

Service Price
Local calls (Inside city) SAR 0.57/minute or any part of it
National calls (inside Kingdom) SAR 0.23/minute (charged for each second)
International calls Same as landline price for each country with 25% discount
Mobile calls (STC/other operators) SAR 0.46/minute (fees charged for each second)
700 Numbers Same as landline fees
800 Numbers Same as landline fees
9200 service and Wagti Salati service SAR 0.23/minute (chrged for each second)
*Price includes 15% VAT

Service Benefits

  • Make all calls (Local, National, International or Mobile).
  • Enables you to manage the calls cost.
  • Make calls from any phone in any place or time.
  • If Marhaba cards are not available, you may use Sawa cards with the same steps and features.
  • Also you can charging with Sawa card in several categories (SR 10 - SR 20 - SR 50)

Where to buy

  • Shops, Supermarkets and Grocery stores.
  • It can also be obtained through stc Express recharge machines available at retail stores and stc sales office.


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