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General Questions:


Can the merchant get PoS Terminal from stc?

No, stc offers merchants the access only (Land-Line, DSL or PoS SIM Card).


Who provides PoS Terminal to the merchants?

The Banks only.


Is there a dedicated Land-Line (Dialup) access dedicated for POS service?

No, the merchant can use normal Land-Line to connect the PoS.


Does POS service use normal Data SIM card (Internet SIM)?

No, it need a dedicated SIM card in order to provide the highest standards of security and quality.


What is the difference between PoS SIM card and the normal data SIM card (Internet SIM)?

PoS SIM card doesn’t allow internet access since it is connected to a dedicated APN provides the highest standard of the security level as well as to avoid the misuse, moreover it has a traffic priority feature (QoS) that’s make it active even in the most critical conditions.


Who are eligible for PoS SIM card subscriptions?

Banks and their clients from the Merchants as well as the Merchant Service Providers (MSPs’).


What is iSPAN?

It is the Payment Gateway of stc that’s connect the merchant’s sites with SPAN network of SAMA (MADA), where the Banks/MSP register their PoS Terminals on the iSPAN to guarantee the highest standards of security, quality & reliability.


Who are eligible for iSPAN Terminal Registration?

Banks & MSPs’ only.