stc tv home device

A new TV experience with stc tv home offers you unlimited entertainment of series, movies and shows in HD that will add more excitement to your experience! It also supports Arabic translation and dubbing. Plus, you can enjoy watching all Saudi sports channels with the latest technologies and various features.

Enjoy watching on your favorite devices wherever you are and at any time via the web with Smart TV and stc tv  App on smart devices.

Top Live TV Channels

Top Live TV Channels

Top TV channels and packages are all available in one place.

Non-Stop Entertainment

Non-Stop Entertainment

More than 10000 diverse content and new additions to the latest movies.

Parental control

Parental control

Let them watch their favorite TV programs. You can create a file for each family member, witch includes all TV shows that this person.

Pause & Rewind

Pause & Rewind

With Pause & Rewind feature never miss your favorite moment.

One Source

One Source

All services are available to you from a single source and are invoiced in one bill.



Watch previously aired programs for the past 7 days. Never miss your favorite TV show.

Jawwy TV Home Device

stc tv home packages






Price (SAR)

15 SAR/Month*

35 SAR/Month* for stc tv key
Available with Baity 200
Available with Baity 300

Available with baity 500

Offline Download


Watch offline

Watch offline

Video Quality


Full HD

4K UHD video quality available

Audio Quality

Stereo (2.1)

Stereo (2.1)

Stereo (5.1)

Screen availability

App, web, Chromecast, airplay and smart TV

App, web, Chromecast, airplay, smart TV and STB

App, web, Chromecast, airplay, smart TV and STB

Device Access

Access on 4 different devices

Access on 4 different devices (STB, App, Web, SMART TV, Airplay, Chromecast)

Access on 8 different devices (STB, App, Web, SMART TV, Airplay, Chromecast)

Rewind TV (re-watch content)

Rewind TV up to 1 day

Rewind TV up to 7 day

Rewind TV up to 14 day

Concurrent Streaming

Watch on 1 device only

Watch on 2 devices simultaneously

Watch on 4 devices simultaneously

Screen Availability

App, Web, SMART TV

App, Web, SMART TV, Airplay, Chromecast

App, Web, SMART TV, Airplay, Chromecast





stc tv home STB

287.5 SAR

287.5 SAR

287.5 SAR


Device Specifications

Device Specifications

Device Specifications

OSN Ultimate Entertainment


57.5 SAR/month*


OSN Ultimate Movies


138 SAR/month*



 17.25 SAR/month

 17.25 SAR/month

 17.25 SAR/month

Fight Sports

23 SAR/month*

23 SAR/month*

23 SAR/month*

Shahid VIP

30 SAR/month

with Baity 200 & 300

with Baity 500

Sports Package on Shahid VIP

28 SAR/month

subscription to the Shahid VIP is required

with Baity 300

For Baity 200 available to subscribe with 28 SAR/month

with Baity 500


View and pay your bills

Recharge and balance transfer

Full access to and control of all numbers registered

Access to detailed call and data



What is stc tv home?

stc tv home is a hybrid OTT service that offers both Live TV and On Demand on a subscription basis to stc customers. Featuring contemporary functionalities, the stc tv Home set-top box delivers in-home TV experience


How is stc tv home different from other TV streaming services available in the market?

Combining Linear TV and abundant On Demand library, and to making sure that your viewing experience is like never before ,we offer viewers endless hours of entertainment. With features like Watch list, Recent, and Rewind portal.


What are the OnDemand content available on stc tv home?

With great offerings from StarzPlay, WideKhaliji and FOX+ in dedicated areas, stc tv home has you covered for all your entertainment needs that provides a wide range of the latest Western, Arabic Movies and Series along side the top TV channels with Documentaries & Kids programs.


What are the channel packages available on stc tv home?

Once you are subscribed to stc tv home you will get the basic package which will provides you with more than 160 channels encrypted & free-to-air for FREE! *Kindly note that all channels and prices are able to change at any time according to the content provider.


How can I subscribe to stc tv home?

Just visit mystc and order one of the baity bundles with stc tv, also you can call 900. or visit stc sales office


How can I purchase a pay-per-view content?

Every month we add premium pay-per-view content (TVOD) which can be rented for 48 hours from On Demand. Just go to the desired content and select Rent, enter PIN and play.


Will I get a separate bill for stc tv home?

stc tv home is free with one of the baity bundles with stc tv and the purchase fee for additional movies and packages will be added to your monthly stc landline bill.


How do I unsubscribe from Add-on channel packages?

To unsubscribe from any add-on, please call 900.


How can I cancel the service?

To unsubscribe from Service, please call 900.


What is baity bundles + stc tv home ?

It is a bundle of Internet, sound and TV service to give you all-in-one great service. For more details, please visit baity plans +stc tv page or call 900


How do I cancel the service if I am a baity bundles + stc tv home customer?

To unsubscribe from this service, call 900.


I have more than one TV in my home. Can I access stc tv home on multiple TVs?

Yes with new stc tv tiers you can link your user up to 8 devices and you can watch on the same time up to 4 accounts


What are the new stc tv home packages?

Lite, Classic, Premium


How to subscribe to the premium package?

Subscribing to the premium package is by subscribing to the baity 500 package


What are the stc tv home packages available for stc tv key customers?

Lite package and Classic.


When transferring my package from my home 500 to my home 200, can I watch the premium package?

No, you will be move to a classic package


Can I get more than one device when I am a customer in the classic and premium package?

You can order a device, and 287.5 riyals will be charged, including the value-added tax for the device price


Are the stc tv packages monthly?

Yes, it is calculated from the bill


What is mean by [number of devices that can be viewed on]?

The number of devices that the customer can link to his account


What is mean by [Conc. streams]?

The number of screens available for the customer to watch on at the same time Example (stc tv home device and stc tv app)


Can I watch stc tv home on smart devices?

Yes, you can use the service on the stc tv home app for multiple smart devices


What devices does stc tv support?

You can access stc tv on number of devices as per your subscription plan. stc tv is available to watch on mobile devices, tablets, Browsers, smart TVs, and also the stc tv Home set-top box. Watch stc tv on: • iOS phones and tablets versions – 11.3 and above • Android phones and tablets version - 5 and above • Android TV devices - with Android 8 OS and above • Web browsers: Latest versions recommended for Chrome, Safari & Firefox browsers • Samsung Smart TV 2018 and onwards models with Tizen OS. • LG Smart


How do I subscribe to stc tv home lite and classic packages?

You can subscribe via mystc app or by calling 900. or sending the following codes to 900 (2301 for the Lite package) (2302 for the classic package)


How to get subscription to shahid VIP ?

Via stc tv home, you need to go to device settings, subscriptions management, select the desired package and enter the account identification code or call customer service on 900. When you subscribe to one of shahid packages, username (fixed line number) and the package activation link will be sent through SMS from 900 to your basic number. * Shahid VIP package is available for-free with baity fiber 200, 300, 500, and G5 unlimited e-SIM. * Shahid VIP Sport package is available for-free with baity fiber 300, 500 and G5 unlimited e-SIM.


How to activate shahid VIP subscription ?

You need only to visit the following link via the browser to activate subscription Enter the username (fixed line number) that was previously sent via SMS to your basic number. Then, you will receive the OTP for activation. After that, a sign-up page will appear on shahid VIP, you should enter a new email that is not previously registered in shahid VIP, and set a password for the account.


How to watch Roshan Saudi League ?

You can watch the Roshn Saudi League competitions on stc tv through SSC channels in cooperation with Shahid VIP Sports on all your favorite devices. Enjoy Shahid VIP Sports package for free with baity fiber 300 and 500, and baity 5G unlimited e-SIM.