Service Level Agreement

  1. To view the info, features, process and related terms to the services, please visit the service page on the following link:
  2. In case of any support needed for any provided services customer may contact service provider through following channels:
    • Customer Account Manager.
    • Through email to Customer Call Center-Enterprise:
    • Call to Customer Call Center-Enterprise: 909.
    • Visit to retail offices.
    • Live Chat on stc website, stcBusiness portal & App.
  3. Billing Processes, periods and payments:
    • Billing Processes & Periods:
      1. Postpaid services are billed on monthly bases as per specified bill cycle for each customer after completing bill cycle.
      2. Services are billed each month as per billing date in Gregorian month.
      3. Prepaid services are billed upon delivery of services and provided to customer in coming bill cycle after delivery.
      4. The customer has the right to review the bill and have any objection to the charges in that bill within 60 days from the issue date unless the charges are under dispute process.
      5. The Company has the right to suspend or disconnect the service after 60 sixty days elapse from bill issue date in case the customer did not pay the due amounts for that period, unless the charges are under dispute with service provider and charges have to be stopped after this date.
      6. In case of special billing processes for certain services or projects, it shall be agreed with customer as customized terms and conditions in the financial and technical proposal or the agreement.
    • Payment Channels:
      1. stcBusiness: pay your bills using your credit card via stcBusiness portal or application.
      2. Different Banking Channels: Pay your bills through SADAD or through different banking channels (ATMs, phone banking, online banking), or by visiting any of the bank’s branches. STC’s biller code is 001.
      3. STC Kiosks: Pay your bills through STC’s self-service machines (STC Kiosks) by using your bank cards with the SPAN network.
      4. STC Sales Offices: Pay your bills at any of STC sales offices by using your bank cards with the SPAN network.
  4. The minimum of provided service quality:
    Services are provided to customers according to the agreed service quality level in the contract unless what caused by the customer itself or third party as well as cables cut and other exceptions. For instance, not limited to:
    1. Delay due to customer unavailability in site or any related reasons.
    2. Force majeure incidence.
    3. Intentional damages.
    4. Accidental damages.
    5. Not allowing access to the customer site.
    6. Cables cut due to third party works.
  5. The maximum period of fixing damages:
    Damages will be fixed within 24 hours from reporting time and maximum 72 hours unless what caused by the customer itself or third party as well as cables cut and other exceptions.
  6. The responsibilities and obligations of each party:
    Each party commit to the responsibilities and obligation specified in the contract terms and conditions in the below link:
  7. Compensations due to breach of obligations and Service Level Agreement (SLA):
    In case of non-Fulfilment of service quality standards due to the service provider, the settlement for the Customer will be done according to the settlement process applied in the Company and as per CITC regulations.