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Referring to MOI & CITC directions, STC Business is pleased to launch the service of SIMs fingerprint verification. This services complies the MOI & CITC directions, helps STC Business & Customer to have more clear vision about the offered services and how to improve customers service.

Useful Definitions:

Authorized Person

He is a person authorized by the customer (by official certified letter) representing the customer in front of STC. There are multiple authorities which customer can authenticate the authorized person with:

  • Approved Signature

  • MyBusiness Portal Admin. Who has the authority of reeving invoices, services, services upgrades, ordering and limits management

  • SIMs Receiver & Fingerprint Authorized person

SIM User:

The real user of the SIM and who’s ID will be assigned to the mobile, or SIM, number he is using.

Customer ID:

It is the customer number in STC system which is the 700 number for non-commercial customer or the commercial registration for the companies and establishment. This number is mandatory for the FP verification and customer who don’t have it has to get it before doing the FP verification. This number can be taken from the ministry of commerce and investment, labor office or MOI

Fingerprint Verification Steps & Channels:

FP Targeted SIMs:

Pre, Postpaid & data SIM.

Required from Customer:

FP Verification Steps:

  • Make sure that customer is the authorized person in STC Systems.

  • Authorized person Fingerprint Collection & Verification for the billing accounts of the customer (Channels: STC Sales Offices, Account Manager, STC Representative visiting Customer).

  • End users FP Collection & Verification via these channels:

  1. STC Retails/Offices.

  2. Customers Premises Visits (Coordination with Account Manager).

What are the documents required to complete fingerprint verification? What are the documents required to complete fingerprint verification?

Useful Information:

Customers Visits list prioritization is based on Customer Segment & how fast customer provide the requirement.

SIM responsibility moves from authorized person to the user when the user does the FP verification (or deadline exceeded and SIM suspended).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the documents required to complete fingerprint verification?

For AP: Copy of the Commercial Registration (at least the CR or the 700 number), copy of the Authorization Letter(if he is not registered in STC systems) & ID. For the End Users: Personal ID.

We are pleased to serve you in the flowing offices to register your fingerprint:

City Name
Riyadh Takhassusi
Riyadh North
Riyadh Smart tower
Riyadh Khurais
Riyadh Jazeerah
Riyadh East
Riyadh Almurabaa
Riyadh AlQasr
Riyadh Alsafarat
Jeddah Rowis
Jeddah Crystal
Jeddah Al Aziziah
Jeddah AL Tahlia Office
Jeddah Flesteen
Jeddah Mishrifah
Jeddah Al jamjom
Jeddah Al Rawdah
Jeddah Alsalamah
Jeddah Alsalamah
Jeddah Alsafa
Jeddah Albaghdadyah
Jeddah Altahlyah
Jeddah Albaghdadyah
Dammam Jarir
Dammam Al Jlwiah
Dammam Al Jlwiah
Dammam Ash Shati
Dammam Modon 2
Dammam Almajdouei
Dammam STC Complex
Makkah Umrah
Makkah Al Aziziah Office
Makkah Al Adl Office
Makkah Alsteen
Makkah Al umrahMain Office
Madinah Sultana
Madinah Al Awali Office
Madinah Alharrah alsharqiyah
Madinah Alhejrah
Taif Alhada
Taif Central
Taif Shehar
Tabuk Almosa
Tabuk AlSalhya
Najran Alfaisaliyah
Najran Al Fahad Office
Baha Alhawyah
Baha Albaha
Baha Baljurashi
Jazan Jazan
Jazan Corniche
Yanbu Yanbu Albahr
Yanbu Yanbu Industrial
Khamis Mushait bin Jalalah
Khamis Mushait Alsharafyah
Abha Abha Office
Abha west of Abha
Bishah Bishah Office
Ahad Rafidah Ahad Rofidah Office
Jubail Jubail
Jubail Al Fanateer
Jubail Khafji
Jubail Hafar Al Batin
Jubail Admin Building
Kharj kharj
Kharj Alkharj
Wadi Aldwaser Wadi Aldwaser
Jubail Al Fanateer Office
Al Ahsa Admin Office
Al Ahsa Bandah office
Al Ahsa Andalus
Al Khobar Main Office
Al Qatif Al Qatif Office
Hail admin building
Hail Aja
Hail Downtown Office
Hail Chamber of commerce kiosk
Hail Aljamaeen
Buraidah Main Office
Buraidah Al Jardah Office
Buraidah Buraidah North
Onyzah Alashrafiah
Ar Rass Ar Rass Office
Arar Arar Outlet
Almuzahmiyah Al Muzahimiyah Office
Almajmaa Al Majmaah Office
Al Khobar Al Aqrabiyah Office
Al Khobar Almonazah
Al Ahsa Admin Office
Al Ahsa Bandah office
Dhahran Doha
Jubail Admin Building
Onyzah Chamber of commerce office
Aldwadmi Dawadmi
Skaka Sakaka Main Building
Skaka Souq ALMadinah
Alqurayat Airport district
Sajer Sajer
Alaflaj Alaflaj
Rafha Rafha Outlet
Domat Aljandal Domat Al Jandal Office

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