STC Launches “STC Advanced Solutions” at GITEX
The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) today announced the launch of “STC Advanced Solutions” at GITEX 2014 information and communications technology (ICT) business trade show in Dubai, UAE.
STC reports 96% Net Income growth for the 2nd quarter 2014, and distributes SR 0.75 per share for the 2nd quarter
Net Income for the 1st half 2014 increased 74%, and Operating Profit increased 17% during the 1st half of 2014, with major improvements in international operations and continued revenue growth in Business sector services
STC Tops the list of companies with highest impact in social Networking channels in Saudi Arabia
STC achieved advanced positions in the competitive social Networking platforms to prove its constant adoption of new and modern methods of customer interaction. The number of views on its channel on the You Tube exceeded 10 million views
STC Venture Fund invests 3 million US Dollars in "ikoo"
STC Venture Fund has signed a strategic partnership agreement with "ikoo", the integrated digital marketing solution provider who owns the largest advertisement network in the Middle East and North Africa. Under the agreement, the Fund has invested 3 million US Dollars in "ikoo"
offers “Student Key” with new features
Riyadh, KSA, September, 2012; In line with STC’s commitment to students and their needs, the company has introduced new savings through the “Student Key”. New savings were introduced to the Student Key, which features a free monthly subscription to Easy Plus post-paid package, in addition to setting fees at 20 Halalas per minute of voice calls ...

This accomplishment is a continuation of STC concern for raising the level of all services and management and organizational processes by adherence to the world metrics and standards based on meeting and delivering services that feature quick and satisfactory response...

Social Responsibility
STC's national ethos is deeply rooted in genuine ties to Saudi values and traditions. It is what makes STC participate in various events of national importance, support governmental development projects for the public and private sector demo...