Summer Football Tournament

Summer Football Tournament

Summer Football Tournament

Riyadh Municipality is organizing a summer football tournament sponsored by STC, starting from 16.10.1437 H until 15.12.1437 H

In terms of social responsibility cooperation between public sector and private sector to the community, especially to youth. Riyadh Municipality cooperates with STC to organize a football tournament in municipal football playgrounds during summer vacation

Riyadh Municipality cooperates with STC to organize a football tournament in the municipal football fields during the summer vacation, in a feat that showcased the collaborative social responsibility efforts between the public and private sector, especially targeting the youth. This benefits the youth by keeping them fit and active, filling up their time, and increasing their teamwork capabilities.

Tournament targeting:

  • More than 3,000 players
  • More than 300 teams

The event will also see the presence of Saudi football stars who will educate the youth about football, and raise awareness on how to avoid sports injuries, and the topic of ethics within sports.


  • 7th and 8th Place Game: Alshamrani Team vs. Aljaradyeah Stats Team (2-0).
  • 5th and 6th Place Game: Alghyaeb Team vs. Alfetuah Stats Team (2-0).
  • 3rd and 4th Place Game: Eduardo Team vs. Aleadi Stats Team (2-1).
  • Final Game (First leg): Eskan Alkharj Team vs. Alkubra Stats Team (1-1).
  • Final Game (Second leg) will take place in Municipal Square in Hittin Area in Friday September 16, 2016


  • Directing the youth to the best ways to take advantage of these free sports facilities.
  • Creating a regulatory framework for recreational competitions to encourage fair competition opportunities.
  • Directing youth to best ways to take advantage of free sports facilities.
  • Create a regulatory framework recreational competition for youth and to encourage fair competition opportunities.
  • Creating meaningful recreational programs in partnership with companies and institutions to promote the principle of social responsibility, and serving all segments of society while keeping in line with the 2030 vision.


  • First Place: Cup championship, gold medals, and financial reward (60,000 SAR)
  • Second Place: Silver medals and financial reward (45,000 SAR)
  • Third Place: Financial reward (30,000 SAR)
  • Fourth Place: Financial reward (20,000 SAR)
  • Fifth Place: Financial reward (15,000 SAR)
  • Sixth Place: Financial reward (10,000 SAR)
  • Seventh Place: Financial reward (8,000 SAR)
  • Eighth Place: Financial reward (5,000 SAR)
  • Best coach, player, and goalkeeper awards.

Events associated

  • Hosting a former well-known footballer.
  • Sports activates to audiences along with prizes.


In terms of activating municipal squares created by Riyadh Municipality in neighborhoods. The tournament will be held on the 12 squares around Riyadh:

  • Municipal Square in Alaziza Area.
  • Municipal Square in Alsuwaidi Area.
  • Municipal Square in Aliraja Area.
  • Municipal Square in Badr Area.
  • Municipal Square in Aldar Albyadah Area.
  • Municipal Square in Alfotah Park.
  • Municipal Square in Alsalam Area.
  • Municipal Square in Alrawdah Area.
  • Municipal Square in Alrawabi Area.
  • Municipal Square in Alezdehar Area.
  • Municipal Square in Hittin Area.
  • Municipal Square in Alnaseem Area.


Registration starts from 16/10/1437 H until 25/10/1437 H

  • Team consists of 12 players, coach, and manager. (Manager will is considered as primarily responsible for the team).
  • Each team must have numbered uniform and tournament logo.
  • Any team shows up 10 minutes late from scheduled time, will be withdrawn from the tournament.
  • Each team must pledge to sports morality during the tournament.
  • If it is proved any actions occurring outside of the sports ethics of any team inside or outside the arena will be removed from the tournament.
  • The duration of each game is 35 minutes, divided into two halves between them rest 5 minutes.
  • Any player gets two yellow cards or a red card will be eliminated from next game.
  • All team managers should bring a photo for each player with a picture identification team.
  • Each team will be scheduled to play in a specific square, if team plays in two different square will be automatically withdrawn.
  • Any player should not participate in more than one team.
  • No team has the right to add a player after handing over the names of the organizing committee


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