Management & Organization Teams
Senior Management Team
Dr. Khaled Hussain Biyari

  • Mr. Cenk Serdar
    Senior Vice President of the Consumer Unit

  • Dr.Tarig Enaya
    Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business Unit

    Eng. Nasser Sulaiman AL Nasser
    Senior Vice President of Technology and Operations

  • Mr. Amin Fahad Al Shiddi
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dr. Homoud Mohammed Al Kusayer
    Vice President of Wholesale

  • Eng. Omer Abdullah Al Nomany
    Vice President of Information Technology

  • Eng. Emad Aoudah Al-Aoudah
    Vice President of Regulatory Affairs
    Acting Vice President of Procurement & Support Services

  • Dr. Gregg R. Rowley
    Vice President of Strategy

  • Eng. Faisal Saeed A Alsaber
    Sales VP

  • Eng. Abdullah Abdulrahman A Alzmame
    Vice President of Network

  • Eng. Haithem Mohammed Alfaraj
    Vice President of Field Operation & Technical Customer Care

  • Mr. Markus Golder
    Mr. Markus Golder
    Vice President of Marketing

  • Eng. Mohammed Abdulaziz Alhakbani
    Vice President of business operations in Business Unit

  • Riyadh Saeed Muawad
    Mr. Riyadh Saeed Muawad
    Vice president of Government and Corporate Sales

  • Ziad Mohiuddin Elbatal
    Mr. Ziad Mohiuddin Elbatal
    VP of customer care & experience

  • Anef Ahmed A Abanomi
    Eng. Anef Ahmed A Abanomi
    Vice president of sales enterprise accounts

  • Fahad Hussain S Mushayt
    Dr. Fahad Hussain S Mushayt
    Vice President of Business Development,Business Unit

  • Moaeed Huwaij Alsaloom Alyami
    Eng. Moaeed Huwaij Alsaloom Alyami
    Vice President of Investment

  • Eng. Ahmed Musfer Al Ghamdi
    Acting Vice President of HR
  • Dr. Khalid M. Albarrak
    Acting Vice President of Corporate Analytics & Data Sector
  • Eng. Mohamed bin Abdullah Al-Abadi
    Vice President of Projects