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STC reduces calls and messages to Turkey by 50%
Saudi News Oct 28, 2013

STC offers postpaid, prepaid and Lana mobile customers a 50% discount on the occasion of the national day of the sister Turkish Republic. This discount includes the cost of voice and video calls as well as SMS and MMS messages placed on Tuesday October 29 2013 for 24 hours the same day. This offer falls within the many similar offers to several countries via STC international gateway with its super capability and high capacity of accommodating and transiting all international calls from and to Saudi Arabia and the outside world. The intent is to enable STC customers being residents or Saudi nationals who have connections with the people of those countries to enjoy the discounts offered on calls to their relatives and friends in their home countries for half the price. This initiative is out of STC social responsibility towards this customers and allowing more communication with their relatives and loved ones on this happy occasion at reduced rates that are not offered by any other operator in the kingdom. STC always strive to offer these discounts on the occasions of the national days of countries who have communities in Saudi Arabia and deliver high quality telecom services that match the aspirations of its customers and its position as the best operator in the region.