Dec 17, 2014

STC offers QuickNet users an extra month of services upon renewing their subscription through Aljawal portal

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) offers its customers an additional month of services, free of charge, upon renewing their QuickNet package subscription through Aljawal portal ( This special offer, valid for three months starting December 11, 2014, entitles current users to a bonus month after renewing their subscription to any prepaid QuickNet package of their choice specifically through Aljawal portal. Such packages are usable for a month and up to a year, and their data storage capacity varies between 3 and 6 Gigabytes per month. QuickNet also includes an unlimited bundle. For instance, under this offer, a customer can receive an extra month of QuickNet services after renewing his or her subscription to the unlimited bundle through Aljawal portal for SR199. The offer is part of a promotion of the diverse packages furnished by STC, which differ in their features and subscription lengths. Such promotions align with the marketing strategy of STC as they offer customers a wide array of choices that are backed by a strong infrastructure and a comprehensive network coverage.

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