The MMS service or "Multimedia Message Service" enables you to send pictures, sound files, video files and text.

  • Features

  • Size of the message is limited to 600 KB to any mobile number or electronic mail around the world.
    You can also send and receive MMS while you are abroad.

    Note: The maximum size of an MMS that you can send depends on the type of your mobile device. It may not support a 400 KB size. To know more, check the user guide of your device.
  • Fees

  • SR 0.55/MMS within the Aljawal network or to an e-mail address (message size up to 600KB).
    SR 0.65 per international message (message size up to 600KB).
    Rate per message while roaming is subject to the operator rates of the host country and the size of the message. The calculation method is similar to that for data or Internet while roaming.
    SR 0.60/MMS outside the network (message size up to 600KB).

  • Activation

  • MMS Settings for iPhone:

    Go to Settings.
    Then go to General.
    Then go to Network.
    Then go to Cellular Data Network.
    In the MMS Field, enter the following:
    MMS proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: 614400.
    Through My STC.

  • MMS inbox
  • The MMS inbox enables you to view the MMS messages that were sent to your mobile in case you are not subscribed to the service or the service settings have not been entered on the mobile. and will remain available there for 10 days.

    MMS inbox

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