• The right to know the service detailed fees and features, as well as any restrictions or exceptions related to its use, or any fees that will be imposed whenever these restrictions and exceptions are exceeded.
  • The right to receive the service as per the provisions agreed upon in the subscription contract, without violating CITC regulations.
  • The right to receive a copy of the service subscription contract, signed and validated by the service provider. The subscriber shall be also entitled to take a copy of the said contract any time upon his request, with respect to the storage period, i.e. one year of the service cancellation date.
  • The right to receive a paper or electronic receipt for any amount paid to the service provider, indicating the paid service type, the payment amount and date.
  • The right to receive the service at any of the service provider centers, without limiting the provision of his services to specific centers.
  • The right to preserve the confidentiality of his information and calls which are secured and cannot be disclosed or listened to or recorded.
  • The right to receive clear, accurate and detailed bills, for free and on a regular basis. These bills shall be sent in hard or soft copy, as per the subscriber’s preference.
  • The right to set a credit limit for the service, which is clarified in the service subscription contract and the monthly bill.
  • The right to request the reduction of the credit limit, provided that the reduced credit limit is not inferior to the minimum package value, and this limit shall only be increased upon the subscriber’s request.
  • The right not to exceed the credit limit in the bill, except for the last call before reaching the credit limit and the usage fees during the international roaming, as well as a maximum increase of 10% of the credit limit in case the subscriber requested to reactivate the service.
  • The right to request the cancellation of the service, where his presence in person is only required in case of final and definitive cancellation of the whole service if the activation of this service initially required his presence in person.
  • The right not to be in charge of any financial consideration, except for services requested from his part.
  • The right to transfer his mobile phone number from one service provider to another, as per the procedures and obligations related to the number transfer process.
  • The right to keep on using the service and not to suspend or cancel such service, except according to a regular obligation.
  • The right to reimburse excessive amounts which he previously paid, within 30 days maximum from the date of discovery of such amounts, or to add these amounts to any other account owned by the subscriber if the subscriber wanted to do so.
  • The right to request the suspension of the service for no longer than 12 months, and as long as the subscriber pays the repetitive fees incurred for this period.
  • The right not to calculate the service fees as long as the service is interrupted by the service provider.
  • The right to file a complaint to the service provider through all possible means, whether electronic, phone call or personal presence, then to receive the complaint’s reference number.
  • The right not to be demanded to settle any amount that the subscriber objected its validity by a complaint filed within the legal delay, and that until the issuance of the appropriate decision in this regard, provided that the service may not be suspended or cancelled because of this amount throughout the complaint study period.
  • The right to settle his complaint by the service provider within maximum 15 days as of the date of submission of the said complaint.
  • The right to escalate the complaint to the CITC if the period ends and the service provider has not yet settled to complaint and whenever the subscriber is not satisfied of the provided solution.

Subscriber’s obligations:

  • Carefully review the service provisions and obligations before subscribing thereto.
  • The mobile key service provided to landline subscribers shall be subject to the fair usage policy relevant to the normal home usage, i.e. 700 minutes per month. Such service shall not be provided to moral persons and shall not be used, or benefited from for commercial purposes. In case of service cancellation, it shall be subject to a penal clause of a one-time amount of SAR 119.
  • The Subscriber shall comply with the service provisions and obligations, not to misuse the telecommunications services, e.g.: make an attempted call that violates public morals and has a threatening character, or that may cause fear or disturbance.
  • The Subscriber shall check his services bill upon its issuance, respect the legal delay to file a complaint regarding the bill validity when he objects to the bill validity by filing a complaint before the issuance of the following bill.
  • The Subscriber shall settle all amounts due to the service provider within the deadlines indicated in the bill to avoid the suspension or cancellation of the service.
  • The Subscriber shall follow the service provider’s instructions regarding the service use during the international roaming to avoid an increase in the bill’s value.

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