Terms and conditions:

  1. The word "Company" herein refers to Saudi Telecom Company, and the "Customer" is the person who applies for its services.
  2. The Customer shall be held responsible for the validity of all data and information provided on the application form.  The Customer shall undertake the responsibility to inform the Company of any changes in the information.
  3. The Company shall provide the required services for the Customer after fulfilling all terms and requirements of the service, according to the technical availability at Customer's site and network resources.
  4. Should the Customer wish to end the service before setup and activation, then the Customer shall undertake to pay the charges due. The Customer shall be exempted only if the Company fails to deliver and activate the service at the required time: the Company also reserves the right to claim any and all of its devices’ cost, provided to the Customer, before activating the service in the system on condition that they have not been used or paid for.
  5. The Customer shall benefit from the services delivered by the Company and paid for as per pricelist of the Company, subject to change according to company policy.
  6. The Customer shall undertake to abide by all rules and regulations of the company.
  7. The Customer shall have no right to demand the number which company is unable to provide and complete installation, except for special paid numbers, if that special number cannot be provide another number from same category will be given instead.
  8. Residential services are designed for regular Home use only. Commercial and Legal entities are not eligible for these services.

    To ensure that all STC consumers get the best experience and a fair share of internet bandwidth, STC follows international best practice on traffic optimization and management.

    Service abusers may experience a slower speed during peak hours to ensure that the service received by other consumers is not impacted due to extremely heavy usage by few consumers. 

    Non-time sensitive internet services such as peer-to-peer file sharing (e.g. torrents) may receive a lower speed during peak hours to ensure that customers using time-sensitive services such as video - streaming or gaming are not impacted.

    In case of any violations or misuse in such a way that will harm the Company or any of its consumers or using the services for any purpose other than what it is designed for, STC reserves the right to take the necessary legal actions, including the total or partial suspension of the service with the consumer bearing any expenses arising from such misuse.

  9. The Customer shall undertake to pay the accumulated charges due for the use of the services delivered, and/or any charges added to these services; this should be done in a timely manner and within the due dates stated on the invoice. The Customer shall be held fully responsible for all commitments that arise as a result of using the service. In the event of non-payment cancellation of the service, the Company reserves the right to add delayed payments to the invoice for any other ongoing service for the Customer. If the Customer does not pay the amounts due within (120) days after the date of the invoice, the Company shall have the right to undertake all necessary legal procedures to claim its rights and to place the Customer's name on the list of blacklisted users.
  10. The card phone service shall be invoiced on annual basis and the Customer shall undertake to pay after receiving the invoice; in the case where the Customer does not pay, the service shall be cancelled and the Customer's name shall be placed on the list of blacklisted users. Should the Customer wish to cancel the service, an application for cancellation must be addressed to the Company before a new invoice is issued; requests to re-install the service after cancellation shall not be honored.
  11. The Company shall reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service for the Customer for any of the following reasons:
    1. Failure to submit financial assurance required by the Company in accordance with the approved procedures.
    2. Customer didn’t abide by the rules of the agreement of “deferred payment installments" as per the Company's deferred payment plan in this regard.
    3. Customer hindered the Company's technicians from accessing the service site that contains the devices three times a year.
    4. Customer violated terms or conditions stated in the agreement for providing telecommunication services on this contract.
    5. Customer does not pay dues to the company, unless those dues are in dispute.
    6. Customer refused to update his data when required, or it is proven that he had provided false data or information to the Company.
    7. In case of Customer's death, the Company has the right to suspend the service from the date of death notification, and the heirs (within 30 days from the date of reporting) may ask for service continuity under the name of any one of them, who is willing to accept all the responsibilities taken by the original customer.
    8. If a request for cancellation is submitted by   Telecommunications authority (CITC).
  12. The period for declaring any objections to the information on the invoice shall be before the issuance date of next invoice, and no further details of the invoices shall be made available 6 months after the date of issue.
  13. Benefiting from the Company's services does not mean that the Customer owns the service and thus the Customer shall have no right to violate the rules and regulations of the Company.
  14. The Customer shall agree to use the services through the equipment approved by the Company.
  15. The Customers of ‘Atheer Plus’ and ‘Jood Wireless’ shall undertake not to use these services or anything related to them beyond the defined tower's range; in the event of any violation of this agreement the Company shall reserve the right to take the necessary procedures to deal with the case and to charge the Customer with any amounts that may arise as a consequence; the Company shall also reserve the right to stop the service without any compensation for damages.
  16. The Company shall not be held responsible for the low quality of the service in the event that the service is transferred.
  17. The Customer shall undertake to pay for the modem provided by the Company and the amount shall be added to the invoice either fully or in the form of monthly installments according to the type of service or as per the request of the Customer, unless the package includes additional fees/costs of installment/setup and devices.
  18. Should the Customer be in a position where he is unable to pay for the services, the Company has the right to exchange the credit information of the Customer with other credit centers such as (SIMAH).
  19. The Customer shall undertake to permit the Company's employees to enter the site of the service for the purpose of checking and repairing the problems related to the service in a timely manner; the Customer shall be held responsible for any consequences that may occur due to a violation of this condition.
  20. The Company shall guarantee the performance of the devices provided to the Customer for Two Hijri years beginning from the receipt of the device. In the event that a problem develops in the device or it works inefficiently or a manufacturing defect develops during the warranty period, the Company shall undertake to repair the device or replace it with another one of the same or similar kind, free of charge. In addition, the Company may refer the Customer directly to an approved agent of the device who shall undertake the maintenance required during that period. This is in the event that the damage is not a result of misuse or carelessness on the part of the Customer; the Company reserves the right to claim for compensation equivalent to the price of the damage that occurred due to misuse or carelessness.
  21. The Customer shall be held responsible for protecting the devices provided by the Company against viruses and parasitic software’s that may affect the device.
  22. The Company shall provide postpaid services for the Customer through a contract with a minimum of 12 Hijri months. The duration of the contract shall begin on the date of activation of the service on the Company's systems, and the contract shall automatically be renewed, unless one of the parties applies to cancel the service at least one month before the contract due date. In the event that the Customer wishes to cancel the service before the due date of the contract, he should submit a written request to any of our sales outlets. The Customer is also committed to pay all amounts due for services rendered, including the cost of the devices provided, administrative charges, transfer and delivery, installation and activation and penalty clauses related to the services and packages as per the approved policy for each service.
  23. The Company offers some limited packages and services on a monthly basis, and the Customer has no right to claim the unused data capacities or minutes from the elapsed month to be transferred to the subsequent months, unless the additional data or minutes are paid, with additional amount, valid only for 30 days from the date of purchase. The Company reserves the right to change these data capacities and minutes from time to time whenever the need arises and the Customer will be notified of this change by the approved methods.
  24. The Company shall provide all packages at Customer's site at the required speed for each package according to its benefits as per the available technical and technological capabilities. In case that this is not possible, the Company shall apologize to the Customer but shall not be required to pay compensation.
  25. All local & national calls shall be free of charge within STC landline network for all bundle packages except for Basic Internet bundle and for the unified numbers 9200 and 700 and similar, Talking Watch 1222, as these are independent services for which the Customer is charged on usage basis.
  26. The company does not assume any responsibility for the content of the broadcasted channels in Invision service; STC has the right, without notifying the customers, to make changes in the additional TV channels content depending on the source.
  27. The Customer shall have the right to transfer the service (permanently or temporarily) to another Customer in accordance with the approved procedures as per the policy of each package or service, but this condition does not apply to Afaq wireless, Jood wireless, and Prepaid services, as the Customer cannot transfer such services to anyone.
  28. Charges for the live broadcasts of the Invision service shall be paid monthly according to the price of each package. Video on demand charges shall be calculated as per request according to the price quoted to the Customer through the user interface at the time of purchase.
  29. The Customer acknowledges his consent that the Company can collect and use his information for the purpose of improving the provided services, and the Company should take all appropriate measures to protect this information, and preserve confidentiality and non-disclosure to any party in any way except for a request from the Telecommunication Authority (CITC) or any competent authority to ensure compliance with privacy policies of the Company.
  30. The Customer receives an explanation of the components, terms and conditions of each package or service provided by the Company (whether paid or free) and the method of installation in such a way as to leave no ambiguity or lack of knowledge. The Customer is fully responsible for all consequences of the service, such as the financial and legal obligations towards the Company or any other party.
  31. The Customer acknowledges that he accepts the hardware/technology solutions provided by the Company for operation of the service at his site (as shown in the documentation of devices and technologies).

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