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    Jood 10Mbps

Offer features

Jood 3 – 10 Mb

You will get home cinema, interactive TV, landline with unlimited calls, and unlimited internet at 10 Mb speed, only for SR77 instead of 224 for two months, all that in one monthly bill. Try it to believe it.

Jood 2 – 10 Mb

You will get the most popular package in the Kingdome. It combines the fast speed Internet (could reach 200Mbps), and landline with unlimited calls to any other STC land line, all that for discounted fees SR77 instead of 199 for two months.

Jood Net- 10 Mb

You will get fast speed truly reliable Internet, starts with 10Mbps and for economic fees. Jood Net will suit your needs if you only want Internet. Its for SR77 instead of149 for two months.

  • Offer period is two months starting from subscription date, then its charged for the main package price.
  • Offer begins at 25th Jan to 25th Apr 2015 for 24months contract

What is Jood:

it’s a group of packages that offer Internet, landline, and TV. , You can choose Jood 3 to get three services, Internet, landline, and TV. Or choose Jood 2 to get Internet and landline. Or choose Jood Netto get only Internet , You can addkeysany package according to your demand.


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Subscription method:

  • الاشتراك عن طريق النموذج
  • If you are new customer call 907
  • If you are already a customer send 4300 to 907 You can send change request through MySTC
  • If you have MySTC account you can apply immediately