Prepaid Mobile line
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Sawa is a prepaid line from STC that enables customers to make local and international calls, as well as send SMS, MMS and enjoy surfing the Internet.

  • Sawa 25

  • Feature  Fee
    SIM Price SR30
    Initial Credit SR25
    All national calls SR0.55 / Minute
    International calls Starting from SR0.55 / Minute
    Local SMS SR0.25
    International SMS SR0.25
    Easynet (Internet Pay-As-You-Go) SR2 / MB

    The service will be activated once it's been used (call, SMS, or Internet)
    To check your Sawa balance at any time dial *166# then press call or call 1500 (free of charge)

    SAWA SIM validity period
    Sawa SIM is valid for 60 days starting activation date.
    Sawa sim will be automatically deactivated after 90 days with no recharge
    The SIM validity period shall be extended with every recharge based on the category. For more information Sawa recharge categories
  • Sawa Ziyara
  • Sawa Ziyara is the best prepaid line in the Kingdom from STC. Sawa Ziyara allows Saudi Arabia visitors (whether they’re here on vacation, on business trip, Umrah, or for Hajj) to be in touch with their family and friends both inside and outside the Kingdom for only SR30.

    Sawa Ziyara Benefits:

    SR25 free credit
    Share your number with loved ones before travelling abroad
    Avoid expensive roaming charges
    Sawa Ziyara Rates:
    Service Fees
    All local calls SR0.60/min
    International calls Starts from SR0.55/min
    Local & international SMS SR0.25
    Easynet (Internet Pay as you go)  SR2/ 1Mb

    How to get the SIM card:
    You can find the SIM card at any STC sales offices.
    Recharge Cards:
    Recharge cards are available for prices SR10, SR20, SR30, SR50, SR100, SR200, and SR300.
    SAWA Ziara SIM Validity:
    It works for 90 days from the activation date and it will be deactivated automatically afterwards.
    Validity period will not be extended with each recharge.

  • Sawa roaming
  • It’s the first prepaid SIM card in the Kingdom that offers a comprehensive package specially for international roaming. It enables you to enjoy peace of mind and benefit from up to %80 lower rates.
    Sawa roaming offers the following features for roaming all over the world:


    International credit recharge service
    You can benefit from this package in multiple trips
    Calling and messaging the customer service on 900 is free while roaming
    Sawa roaming offers locally the same features and rates as the Sawa prepaid line.
    The Connect Me service is available for making calls while roaming in case the prepaid roaming service is unavailable in some countries.
    To activate Connect me service do the following:
    Services Service
    Action dial *140* required STC mobile number #, then press "Call".


    You can activate Sawa roaming by putting your SIM card in your mobile and make the first call.

    Recharge Cards

    Sawa customers can use the local Sawa recharge cards, or you can use VIVA in Bahrain and Kuwait.

    Check your Sawa roaming balance

    Services The way
    Check your Sawa roaming balance dial *166# then "Call"

    For example, the following text will appear on your screen:
    Your balance: SRXX valid till 10/4/2015. Sawa roaming package: XX free minutes, XX free SMS and XX free MB.


    Sawa roaming package is available for SR299 and includes the following:

    100 minutes for receiving and making calls while roaming.
    Free 100 SMS.
    Free 5MB data
    SR25 additional credit.
  • Service Codes
  • See all activities on your mobile

    Send the below code number to 900.

    Code Service
    To Activate easy net service 2002
    To Deactivation easy net service 2001
    To know the service short codes 6060
    Last 5 charged calls & cost 60601
    Last 5 balance transfer transactions 60602
    Last 5 recharge transactions 60603
    Last 5 Qitaf exchanging redeemed 60604
    Last 5 charged transactions in 24 hour  60605