Payment Methods
Payment Methods

  • Customer Service Centers
    Customer Service Centers

    Pay your bills at any of STC’s customer service centers by using your bank cards with the SPAN network

  • STC Kiosks
    STC Kiosks

    Pay your bills through STC’s self-service machines (STC Kiosk) by using your bank cards with the SPAN network.

  • Bill Payment 
through Credit Cards
    Bill Payment through Credit Cards

    Pay your bills using your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) via STC’s online services website: My STC

  • Different Banking 
    Different Banking Channels

    Pay your bills through SADAD or through different banking channels (ATMs, phone banking, online banking), or by visiting any of the bank’s branches for cash or cheque payments. Some banks offer payment services through CAM (Cash Acceptance Machine) or by SMS. STC’s biller code is 001.

  • Self-service kiosk

    Underlining it prominent and pioneering role in the region and its leadership in the field of telecommunication and Internet, and its significant role in providing advanced services to its customers through the sales outlet, STC provided devices to enable self-service customers in the Aljawal services, landline and Internet to carry out many of the services with a single touch, without the trouble around the clock.

    How to log in to Self-service kiosk:
    1. To log in to the self-service kiosk and carry out services, the customer requires a Pin code which he can request the PIN code through the self-service kiosk. Then he will receive in second a confirmation SMS as following:
      • Go to the nearest location of self-service kiosk
      • Choose your preferred language on the touch screen of the self service machine
      • Self-service kiosk requires a PIN code
        Some of the services require entering the ID number or Iqama
    2. STC’s customers registered with My services can request for a PIN code through the website, and they will receive an SMS.

    Self-service kiosk locations:
    Self-services kiosks are available in more than 125 locations in customer service offices and selected public places in couple of malls and airports in the Kingdom.
    Provided services:
    Aljawal and landline customers can benefit from self-services kiosk after logging in to the system and benefit from the following service:
    1. a. Self services for AlJawal:
      Postpaid customers can activate a wide range of services, packages and Savings Keys through the self-service machines, as follows:
      • SADA
      • Friends and Family
      • Push to talk
      • MMS
      • Mawjood Extra
      • International Call
      • QUICKnet
      • Roaming
      • BlackBerry
      • Al Jawal packages :
        (Easy, Easy Plus, Zero, Zero Plus)
      • Saving Keys
        (Friends Key, SMS Key, International Key, My Club Key, Talk Time Key)
    2. Self services for Landline
      Al Hatif customers can use our self-service machines to access the following services:
      • Request a landline
        (Jood 1, Jood 2, Jood 3, Jood 4)
      • Request to change a Jood package:
        (Jood 1, Jood 2, Jood 3, Jood 4)
      • Request a Jood Key
        (Invision,QUICKnet,Free calls to mobile phones and other operators)
    3. Bill printing
      • Print bill summary.
      • Print detailed bill.
      • Print a partial bill.
    4. Bill payment:
      Customers can pay their bills without the need to subscribe to the self-services.
      • Bill payment for Aljawal.
      • Bill payment for Aljawal and landline.
      • Bill payment for another phone (Al Jawal or landline).
    Questionnaires and Notes:
    STC take its customer's opinions and suggestions in the service provided to them by logging in to the questionnaires and observations that are available in the self-service.
    Technical support for self-service machines
    All self-service machines are connected to the Technical Sales Support. You can request technical support with two basic steps. Your request will be processed within one working hour after placing it. You can follow up your request through the following sales channels:
    • Call the sales outlet where the machine is located and speak to the sales support team
    • Contact us at the self services e-mail:
    • For questions or more information, please don't hesitate to contact the Sales Management at: