Feb 26, 2014

STC chooses CISCO Technology to provide high speed networks and services

STC announced on the sidelines of Mobile Telecom Congress in Barcelona the selection of Cisco advanced solutions. STC is the first service company in the Middle East and Africa that selects Cisco fundamental convergent system. The system is a part of networks specifically designed to be the basis for a smarter, wider and more adapting internet. It will be connected to the new reinforced generation of the advanced programmable network. This new network will support modern and future input services and constant development in order to provide maximum productivity and high programming capability to STC through which it responds to customer needs. The system also facilitates reinforced demand delivery and increases STC network service delivery. Dr. Khalid bin Hussain AL Biyari, Senior VP of STC Group for Technology and Operations, said: “Cisco is a company with which STC has dealings to provide new technologies and solutions that support the company’s direction towards consolidating our customer services. This would also enables STC employ state of art world technologies to expedite our operations and deliver a wonderful service experience specially designed to satisfy the customer and to accelerate moving to modern technical platforms. On the hand, Mr. Kris Dedicoat President of Cisco Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia said: “Cisco helps companies seize future opportunities by interacting with those who were not possible to contact in the past. STC is a leading operator organization that values the significance of Cisco basic convergent system and the value of the system beside the technical and innovative growth opportunities that could be gained through the internet.

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