Network Coverage
National & Border crossing Connectivity

STC border-crossing terrestrial fiber optic network is extended to almost all neighboring countries,
(With Diversity Routings)

JADI (Jeddah-Amman-Damascus-Istanbul)

  • Operational since 2010.
  • System length around 5,000 kilometers).
  • Initial capacity of 200Gbps.

JADI overview:

  • As the importance of international networks to the global economy continues to increase, protecting the integrity of transmission becomes more critical. Submarine cable outages can dramatically reduce connectivity to large geographic areas, and outages can affect multiple cable systems. Carriers continue to seek methods of mitigating risk—whether from dragging anchors, misdirected backhoes, earthquakes, or geopolitical factors—by improving the reliability of infrastructure for this reason STC and other consortium have fuel interest in the JADI terrestrial cables that link the Middle East to Europe via Turkey.
  • It is an integrated multi-cross-border facility with an optical fiber terrestrial cable called Jeddah-Amman-Damascus-Istanbul Terrestrial Link (“the JADI Link”), connecting Middle East to Europe via Istanbul and to the Far East via Jeddah. ./ National & international.
  • STC is becoming a communication bridge between Asia and Europe by JADI LINK project which is conducted with the cooperation of four countries: Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. JADI LINK project is allowing the mutual usage of the communication infrastructures of these countries over a single line. Thus, an important overland alternative will be presented in addition to the submarine cables crossing through the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. In some sense, this huge line will establish a Digital Silk Road in the region.
  • JADI cable is offering an important alternative in providing Internet (IP), data and partially voice communication via Saudi between South Asia and the Middle East with Europe and the United States. "JADI LINK" project will constitute a safe, short and fully terrestrial alternative to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea corridors. This connection will also meet the rapidly increasing demand in the fields of international data and Internet services.

National Connectivity:

  • Diversified connectivity to all regional countries.
  • Redundancy of all connections with regional countries.
  • Terrestrial connectivity to Europe via JADI.
  • More than 50 virtual rings.

Cross Border Connectivity:

  • Yemen 3 links.
  • UAE 2 links.
  • Qatar 3 links.
  • Bahrain 3 links.
  • Kuwait 3 links.
  • Amman 3 links.
National & Cross Border Map