SAT Net allows access to Internet through satellite technology (VSAT) to provide high-speed communication solutions based on Digital Video Broadcasting technology – second generation (DVB-S2X).

Service Features

  • This VSAT service from STC business is ideal for customers who have remote locations but need high-speed internet access.
  • SAT Net works through an enhanced Digital Video Broadcasting technology – second generation (DVB – S2) via a satellite hub station that offers various packages according to the customer need.
  • SAT Net is offered with different option of bandwidth packages up to 20 Mbps bandwidth allowing customer to choose what suits them most.

Service Benefits

  • High Availability: it’s a great option for disaster recovery and first responder communications. There is no service outage due to issues such as cable cuts.
  • High Scalability: SAT Net offers higher upstream and downstream bit rates as it works independently from the existing fixed infrastructure.
  • Fast Set up: SAT Net’s service installation takes 1-2 days. As your requirements grow, you can upgrade quickly.
  • Simple Packages: SAT Net is offered based on speed and QoS requirements.

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