stc’s Supplier Code of Conduct

1.1 Compliance with Laws, Codes, and Regulations
stc Supplier shall comply with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations as set forth in the documents relevant to contracting, or regulating its relations with stc.

1.2 Environmental, Health, and Safety Practices
It is the responsibility of the Supplier to ensure compliance with environmental policies, health and safety codes, implementing its businesses in a manner which will not endanger themselves or others. And he shall promote sound public health and hygienic practices.
The Supplier shall provide its employees with a safe and healthy workplace and should implement effective programs to improve the working environment. The Supplier shall implement a health & safety system, it's recommended to apply Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems ("OHSAS 18001") or ISO 45001 or similar or any equivalent standard or system.
The Supplier shall do his best endeavors to adopt an environmental management system that conforms ISO 14001 or similar standard. This will include among other aspects develop products or services that feature low energy consumption throughout the entire life-cycle For further information, Supplier may refer to the International Organization for Standardization ISO website or the British Standards Institution BSI Group .

1.3 Working Hours
Supplier’s staff working hours, including overtime, shall not exceed the maximum set by Labour Law.
The Supplier shall also grant to its employees the right to paid leave.

1.4 Favorite Products
The Supplier shall give a preference to the national origin products or services subject to the Favoring National Products Rules.

1.5 Saudization & Jobs Localization
The Supplier shall always substantiate his compliant with Saudization and Jobs Localization project in Saudi Arabia along with all its relevant decisions, regulations, initiatives and policies that aims to appoint qualified Saudis in suitable jobs.
STC expects an effective contribution from Supplier towards Saudi labour placement in which he exceeds minimum requirements by creating real, featured and high profile jobs for Saudis by offering advanced & high efficiency training programs and assigning various important roles within Supplier’s organisation, In line with national duty and social responsibility.

1.6 Deliverables Quality
The Supplier shall consider that stc is seriously keen to acquire products or/and services in a manner and level that guarantee the best conformity with accepted quality standards. Therefore, Supplier is expected to demonstrate his compliance with quality requirements for any submitted bids , as he is requested to comply with the same for the implementation progress reports.

1.7 Ethical Business Practices
stc and its suppliers shall conduct their businesses in accordance with the highest standards of ethical behavior. Supplier is expected to conform to these requirements in each of the following areas:

1.7.1 Protecting Integrity & Anti- Corruption

The Supplier shall prevent and fight all forms of corruption, extortion, embezzlement, and improper advantage.
In addition, Supplier shall strictly adhere to all regulations and directions that fall under the umbrella of National Strategy for Protecting Integrity and Combating Corruption sponsored by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha).

1.7.2 Child Labour

Child labour is strictly prohibited. And the Supplier shall always adhere to the restrictions over the employment of minors.

1.7.3 Forced Labour

The Supplier shall not use any form of forced or compulsory labour. All work must be voluntary and the Workers must not be required to lodge deposits, or to be enforced to sign Promissory Notes as a condition of employment.

1.7.4 Diversity & No Discrimination

The Supplier shall fight all forms of discrimination. It shall promote equal opportunities of all employees.

1.7.5 Fair Trade Practices

Suppliers shall refrain from involving in collusive bidding, price discrimination, anti-competitive, anti-trust, or other unfair trade practices.

1.7.6 Ethical Sourcing

Suppliers shall diligently prefer sourcing goods or services from third parties that meet, as a minimum, country of origin standards for health and safety, working hours, pay, employment conditions and environmental protection.

1.7.7 Relationships and Communications

stc policies require that all transactions are to be conducted fairly, honestly, and with integrity, according to the highest ethical standards. Abuse or violation of these respective policies is considered dishonesty.
Suppliers and their personnel shall avoid even the appearance of unethical or compromising practices in relationships, actions, or communications with regard to existing or proposed business relationships with stc. stc deems that derogatory things as a conflict of interest and improper business practice for current or former stc personnel to utilize any confidential or proprietary business, technical, or other information obtained while in the service of Saudi Telecom to influence stc’s existing or proposed commercial transactions for the purpose of gaining a personal commercial advantage, or benefitting any third party, or to otherwise damage stc, whether during or after leaving employment by stc.
Suppliers shall not solicit, encourage or attempt to utilise current or former stc employees in any manner which might cause them to disclose or provide any confidential, proprietary, trade secret/s or other restricted information obtained while employed by stc to influence stc’s existing or proposed or potential commercial transactions for the purpose of gaining a commercial advantage.
stc will take appropriate measures to detect any such improper business practices and will take appropriate action against current or former employees and Suppliers who violate these restrictions. Suppliers are expected to cooperate with stc investigations and provide reasonable assistance as requested.

1.7.8 Declaration of Interests

The Supplier shall guarantee accuracy and validity of all furnished informations pertaining to the declaration of interests subject to the stc Conflict of Interests Policy. Supplier has to promptly declare to the stc any current and/or potential incidents, circumstances, changes in legal status, changes in control, relationships that may have any effect to the declaration whether direct or indirect. Supplier shall be aware that stc adopts Zero Tolerance policy towards any omitting or hiding information regardless to the excuse like indirect effect or ignorance.

1.7.9 Bribery, Brokerage and Fraud

No funds, assets, services, privileges, or or any other benefits shall be paid, rendered, loaned, or promised for payment or otherwise dispersed by Suppliers or their representatives as bribes, “kickbacks”, or other payments or inducements designed to influence or compromise the judgment or conduct of stc or its representatives.

1.7.10 Gifts, Gratuities and Hospitality

Suppliers and their personnel shall not offer or provide stc or its personnel with gifts, gratuities, or hospitality unless it involves nominal value and is in line with customary business practices. Nominal gifts are described as gifts of a general nature having a low value, including such items as logo Inscribed pens, caps and shirts. Customary business practice in terms of hospitality would include the acceptance of reasonable business entertainment and business meals. Gifts, gratuities, and hospitality offered or extended by Suppliers to stc personnel that exceed nominal value or reasonable hospitality are forbidden according to stc Work Behaviors & Ethics Charter and reportable under internal policies and regulations.This policy does not apply to things available to the general public For the avoidance of any doubt, stc pays or adequately reimburse its employees’ for business expenses, and provides all business needs including stationary and calendars, therefore, Suppliers are not required or requested to provide anything nor to incur or reimburse business expenses for stc employees whatever the justifications.

1.8 Monitoring and Compliance
The Supplier assumes the responsibility for complying with the standards and requirements of this Policy and to monitor its own business activities. Supplier shall conduct periodic internal reviews, inspections, and audits to ensure their compliance with this Policy and its applicable requirements. Additionally, the Supplier is responsible for ensuring that the standards and requirements of this Code are communicated and understood by its personnel working on or in support of stc projects, jobs, contracts, agreements, and orders. Supplier will be held liable for the conduct and actions of its employees.
The implementation of this Policy is a shared responsibility between stc and its suppliers. Supplier are required to promptly and confidentially disclose to stc, all current and potential incidents which give rise to the appearance of conflicts of interest and instances of unethical or fraudulent behavior by any party, including Supplier employees or stc employees, related to any stc procurement or contracts business. Suppliers are to cooperate with stc in any inquiries or investigations pertaining to past, current, or potential instances of unethical or fraudulent behavior or conflicts of interest related to any stc business activity.
Suppliers are required to promptly notify stc when they become aware of any actual or potential violation of this Policy and to propose corrective plans regarding such violation. In addition Supplier employees that become aware of violations of this Policy are required to promptly notify stc.
Potential or actual violations to this Policy or other ethical irregularities are to be reported directly to the whistleblowing email:

Suppliers shall maintain appropriate records to substantiate compliance with the terms and conditions of this Policy and to provide such evidence to stc upon request. stc or its designated representatives may be engaged in periodic monitoring activities to confirm suppliers’ compliance with this Policy. These monitoring activities may include on-site facilities inspections, using questionnaires, review of publicly available information, or any other measures necessary to assess Supplier compliance with this Policy. Such monitoring activities may be performed in addition to any audit rights which may be set forth in any agreement/contract with stc. Supplier performance assessment will be used by stc as a major factor in selecting bidders, the administration of contracts and procurements, or to possibly restrict Supplier access to new stc business opportunities. Based on the assessment of information made available to stc, then stc reserves the right (in addition to all other legal and contractual remedies) to disqualify any potential Supplier or to suspend or terminate any relationship with a current Supplier which stc has been found to be in violation with this Policy, without liability towards stc.

1.9 Confidentiality
As part of the contract/agreement implementation or in preparation to enter a contract or agreement, Supplier may gain access to information or material which stc deems to be proprietary or confidential. Suppliers, in all instances, shall comply with the confidentiality undertakings and obligations of which are set forth in the relevant document such as request for proposal, invitation to bid, other solicitation document, or agreements by and between stc and the Supplier. stc considers any breach of confidentiality and unauthorized disclosure or use of proprietary or confidential information as a very serious matter and reserves the right (without prejudice to all other legal or contractual remedies) to disqualify any potential Supplier or to terminate any relationship with a current Supplier if stc make sure that the supplier violated the obligations of confidentiality.
All advertising, press releases, or printed matter that refers to stc or existing/potential Supplier’s relationship with stc must be approved by the stc Corporate Communications' prior to publication or any other use.
Additional written consent by Procurement and Support Services Vice President is required to be obtained prior to any attempt to, mention, publicise or announce potential or concluded agreement/contract or any procurement related matters.

1.10 Applicability
This Policy is a general statement of stc's expectations and requirements with respect to its Suppliers. This Policy should not be read in lieu of, but a supplement to, any Supplier obligations set forth in:

a. requests for proposals, invitations to bid, or other solicitation documents, or
b. Contracts/Agreements by and between stc and the Supplier.
In the event of any contradiction between this Policy and any stc solicitation documents or applicable agreements, the terms of stc's applicable solicitation documents or contracts/agreements shall prevail.
The requirements of this Policy are not subject to waiver. Neither stc's personnel, nor supplier’s personnel or representatives are authorized to propose or approve conduct inconsistent with this Policy.
1.11 Suppliers Code of Conduct
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