The Message

Dear Valued Supplier,

Our customers depend on stc state-of-the-art technology and services. This requires a sophisticated procurement policy, procedures, processes and supply base. Therefore, stc will spare no efforts to build and foster strong and extremely collaborative relationships with the most efficient suppliers, through:

  • Innovation - Procuring leading-edge technology and solutions, in advance of customer needs.
  • Reliability - Procuring the highest quality products and services on time.
  • Efficiency - Achieving greater cost savings and other benefits.
  • Effectiveness - Using of Sophisticated eProcurement solutions to reduce the number of manual interfaces in our processes, enabling automation of the majority of our procurement transactions.
  • Sustainability - is a high profile matter for our organization today. It helps us in saving money, improving competitiveness and building a business’ reputation.
In addition, together with our suppliers, we aim to maintain close-knit relationships built on trust and transparency.

With much appreciation,
Emad Aoudah Al-Aoudah
Procurement and Support Services Sector VP