Social Investment

  • STC sponsors the rehabilitation and support of 15 children in the "Development of Children Cochlear Implants Skills Program" for training in collaboration with the "Saudi Association of Sign Language Interpreters".
    The child, Turki Al Maqati (4 years) gets out from his father's car enthusiastically, to enter the MediCare Building to reach for "Be creative" Center in Al Takhassusi St., one of the most important roads of the capital Riyadh. Turki, who came from Al Kharj City "80 kilometers south of Riyadh," suffered from hearing impairment that forced him to undergo recently for "cochlear implant" benefiting alongside 15 of his peers from the "Development of Children Cochlear Implants Skills" Program, which is organized by the Saudi Association of Sign Language Interpreters through “MediCare Center” and other centers specialized in rehabilitating and training the children on developing the skills of speech and communication. "Development of Children Cochlear Implants Skills" Program is the result of a joint cooperation between STC, the major telecommunications Company in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and the newly established association (May 2017).
    Turki’s mother asserts that the hearing impairment prevented her son from communicating with others, in addition the statue of isolation, outbursts of anger and deep crying he lived, unlike the enthusiasm he shows now after joining the Program with the other 15 children.
    According to Dr. Shimaa Hilal, Manager of the "Be Creative Center" affiliated to MediCare clinics, the monthly cost of rehabilitating a child underwent cochlear implantation is an amount of (SR 3,000.00) equivalent to (USD 800.00), including extensive treatment sessions on audio and language skills, as well as providing the family counseling for parents to enable them to follow-up the treatment at home.
    "There are 450,000 deaf male and female in need of assistance and rehabilitation, through 100 volunteer interpreters, according to official statistics" said Ali Al Hazani, Chairman of the Association.
    Now, after five weekly sessions provided to Turki and his 15 peers, the progress, achieving in the training sessions they have been received for two months, provide an optimistic gesture for Turki’s mother, especially with the tremendous change that becomes clear on her son and his full interaction with his surroundings, which gave her greater horizons to overcome the crisis that surrounded her family for years thanks to the "Development of Children Cochlear Implants Skills" Program, one of dozens of projects and programs that STC has consistently adopted within its projects and programs towards the social responsibility.

  • Strategic Partnership Between Misk and STC
    In a step to achieve knowledge exchange and capabilities localization, STC and Misk foundation signed a memorandum of understanding, on. The MoU aims to empower youth in CIT to support the development of The Kingdom and achieve the objectives of 2030 vision. The memorandum stipulates on empowering youth in four areas: digital-technical creativity, social communication, scholarships, and training courses. It aims also, to enrich the society, increase the effectiveness of programs and initiatives regarding rehabilitation of Saudi talents, enhance the role of women, develop special content for children, produce awareness videos, organize collaborative competitions for children and youth and establish a joint program for the development of technical solutions.

  • Captain Yousef Jame’a who has poliomyelitis since he was child and continues to achieve achievements despite his disability
    Yousef Ali Jame’a, captain of the Kingdom Wheelchair basketball who won many medals during his athletic career in the Basketball courts. As well as the internal and external championships. Captain Yousef was born on 1396 A.H., despite he has poliomyelitis since he was a child that made him bound to the wheelchair, But his determination and enthusiasm to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life and his great love of sport was a reason to achieve many achievements at the personal and national levels, thus challenging his companions. He has participated in 9 internal, gulf and international championships, where he won the gold medal in the Kingdom Championship for the 100 meters for wheelchairs in Dammam on 1482 A.H. and silver medal in swimming in the athletics championship in Riyadh on 2005 A.D, also he participated in many of the external championships, where he won with the Kingdom team the silver medal and the second place in “Fazza championship” on 2015 in wheelchair basketball championship. As well as he won with his team -Riyadh Club- the Kingdom Championship for wheelchair basketball on 2016, finally managed with his team to achieve first place and gold medals in the first Saudi Paralympic championship that was held in November 2017 in Riyadh, where he dubbed by " Desperate Defeater".
    In a major step in the champion Yousef Jame’a career he was able to form a team to prove the great abilities and potentials of Special Needs, dubbed by "Stars of Challenge Team" that includes a lot of people who have great skills and talents in drawing, poetry and singing in order to participate in some events in some areas and to be an example and an ideal in the challenge of disability and achieving success. He recently managed to get a training badge in the Pucci game that considered within the bowling games.
    Captain Yousef gives advice to his brothers of Special Needs to struggle and work to achieve their goals in life in order to be an active members in society, as well as he calls the community to change its outlook of Special Needs and accept its members, where many of them have been able to achieve great successes and multiple with their wheelchair, With care and struggle there is no impossible in life.
  • The Company has established 22 medical centers with amount of 100 million riyals, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, distributed among the Kingdom's area, where more than 3 Million checker.
The Company has participated in the project of "King Salman Science Oasis" in Riyadh, in collaboration with Riyadh Municipality with amount of 50 Million Riyals. It aims at providing scientific programs to youth and children and empowering them to have interest in sciences and technical applications.
  • The Company has contributed in establishing " King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Centre for Culture and Civilization Heritage" in Riyadh with amount of 5 Million Riyals, to be a guidance for science and knowledge in Riyadh, the Capital. By doing so, the Company wanted to participate with the citizens of Riyadh city in their celebration the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Al Saud taking over the reins of the Country's government.
  • The Company has contributed with 6 Million Riyals to establish Saafah Foundation for Transparency and Integrity that aims at spreading and enhancing the values of transparency, integrity and justice.
  • King Khalid Foundation (KKF) signed a strategic partnership agreement with STC, which aims to maximize the impact of CSR programs at the company. The agreement was signed in the presence of Princess Albandari bint Abdulrahman Al Faisal, CEO of KKF, and Dr. Khaled Biyari, STC Group CEO, in a celebration that took place in the company`s HQ.

  • The Company has supported the charitable investment project of Disabled Children's Association in Mecca (Khair Mecca) to achieve sustainable development for the Association's programs and initiatives, through directing the revenues of the donation messages sent to number 5050 to establish (the Clients' Tower of Saudi Telecom Company) which consists of 12 floors.

  • The Company has launched (Communication is Our Responsibility) program to activate the community partnerships with charitable organizations and associations through the event of "Hayakom fe Haykom" (Greetings in Your Neighborhood) that is set up in numbers of public parks in different cities of the Kingdom while giving the opportunity to charitable entities to present their charitable projects an initiatives to the public.

  • The Company has supported King Fahad National Centre for Children's Cancer and Research which is affiliated to King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh through sponsoring the project of entertainment and educational halls dedicated to children who benefit from the Centre's services.

  • The Company has supported " BENAA Summer Caravan 2017" that was launched by Charity Association for Orphans Care at Eastern Region (BENAA), where the orphan kids of the Association participate in, and started from Dammam to the Southern boundary and the slogan # Their Support is Our Duty. It aims at conveying the message of our loyality and gratitude to our heroes in the Southern boundary of the Kingdom.

  • The Company has created the Communication Marathon 2017 inside the headquarter of the Company in Riyadh, stressing on the values of Company, represented in "Employee Comes First" and "One STC Team" and aiming at spreading the correct healthy culture and call for practicing sport regularly.
  • The Company has supported the project of "the Third Companion" organized by The Saudi Charity Association for Alzheimer's Disease in many areas of the Kingdom, aiming at providing 100 wrist watch that works by satellite in order to locate their users of Alzheimer's patients.

  • The Company has established many blood donation campaigns in its headquarter and many areas of the Kingdom.
  • The Company has sponsored the integration forum for the development of slums, organized by Bunyan Women's Charitable Association for Family Development in Riyadh. The Company emphasizes through this kind of support on its social and humanitarian role in supporting the specialized associations in this field.

  • The Company hosted more than 100 child from Insan (human) Association in an entertainment day via Qitaf Smile.

  • The Company has launched many campaigns on the social media channels of the Company aiming at raising the awareness and community education about the International Days:
  • 1. World Humanitarian Day.
  • 2. Arab Orphans Day.
  • 3. World Autism Awareness Day.
  • 4. World Kidney Day.
  • 5. World Diabetes Day.
  • 6. World Civil Defense Day.
  • 7. International Stuttering Awareness Day.
  • 8. International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
  • 9. International Volunteer Day.

  • The Company has launched "1000 Volunteers Campaign" synchronized with the International Volunteer Day to enable the employees of the Company to participate effectively in the service of the community. This Campaign is in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 that aims at increasing the volunteers number to one million, through making use of the experience, knowledge and skills that STC employees have in various fields which qualify them to be creative and make an added value in many fields of volunteerism through organizations specialized in charitable and humanitarian works.
  • The Company has sponsored the first Saudi Paralympic Championship in Riyadh in which more than 300 players have participated and they represent 15 clubs across the Kingdom. They competed in 8 different games, accomplished many achievements and took advanced posts. By doing so, the Company is stressing on its role in supporting and developing all sport activities, especially the sport of persons with disabilities.

  • The Company has sponsored the events of Cultural Street Festival in Riyadh for the second time, which is organized by the Municipality of Riyadh. This festival is a cultural program includes various types of culture: reading, arts, paint, sculpture, folkloric shows and its events are conducted at an open area where all segments of the society can attend.

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