Sustainability Commitment

To lead the digital transformation of our society by being an innovative, caring and inclusive company.

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Sustainability Pillars

Access by technology

Includes mutually beneficial impact areas that generate value for the business and for society. Advancing “access” and “connectivity” implies the interdependency between business growth and social empowerment. Includes programmers and initiatives that provide strategic business value and growth opportunities while advancing social development.

Workforce development

Highlights stc’s focus on the development and well-being of both its own employees and the nation’s workforce at large. Includes professional development and well-being of employees. It also includes emphasis on capacity building of a diverse, skilled Saudi workforce including youth, disabled and female populations.

Responsible practices

Includes effective management and accountability in all areas including: Environmental (energy savings, emissions reduction, waste management, climate adaptation, etc.), Social (good labor practices, ethical treatment of suppliers, etc.), Governance (ethical behavior, transparency, etc.) and Economic (responsible marketing, anti-competitive behavior, etc.).

Innovative digital solutions

Emphasizes cutting edge, technology-driven solutions, with a focus on the future. Includes support of entrepreneurial development in the Kingdom and ensures business growth, industry leadership and socio-economic development.