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stc Joins the Social International Value Organization

stc joins the Social International Value Organization, officially registered as a charity with headquarters in Britain, as the first telecommunication company in the Middle East to obtain membership in this global organization, which follows the British approach in measuring Social Return on Investment SROI. The organization provides members with training and support and follows key principles to measure and analyze social value in order to enhance and exchange the best practices in corporate social responsibility.

By joining the organization, stc strives to demonstrate its capacities in the area of social responsibility, expand its knowledge of the best practices in measuring social impact and achieving social value and follow those practices, develop measuring tools, support sound decisions in social investment, communicate with others, provide training, and exchange and expand knowledge. stc also seeks to have an effective role in this organization that includes members from 45 states worldwide that work in various sectors and specializations.

Furthermore, stc aims to follow the principles of social value to impact leading principles and practices, individuals and powers that are involved in the process of measuring social value. With the attempt of empowering sustainable development programs and increasing their impact, stc decided to adopt the British approach in measuring Social Return on Investment in social responsibility projects according to its established strategy in this area, which aligns with the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.

  • The Company has contributed in establishing the National Entrepreneurship Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and the Technical and Vocational Training Cooperation. The Institute is considered a non-profit national center that is specialized in helping people interested in self-employment and owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of both sexes and this resulted in opening more than 8123 project.
  • The Company has collaborated with Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation "Misk" aiming at establishing an effective technical community, sponsoring creative initiatives, enhancing and developing educational, technical, media and cultural skills of Saudi Youth in various fields of knowledge.

  • The Company is working on empowering entrepreneurs and providing the best technical services, consultancy and solutions to help them choose the incubated projects via the incubator of InspireU program. The numbers of companies that were launched as startups have reached 18.
  • stc, represented by Enterprise Unit, participates in “BIBAN” forum in cooperation with Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at) In the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention center. stc participates in the forum with a pavilion to show stc`s role in supporting SME. It will review the role of procurements, business incubators “InspirU”, Mobile, internet, and Qitaf program in supporting (Monsha’at)
  • The Company has supported the event of (Young Female Investor) that was held at Tuwaiq Centre for Family Development in Riyadh, which is affiliated to Ministry of Labor and Social Development, in order to empower the family and the age groups of children and youth to produce, invest, and display their products.
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